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    Apple Keynote September 12

    We are awaiting in excitement the new fall Apple Keynote event.
    Some of our users are speculating to see a few new items which might include:

    • New iPhone X
    • New Macmini
    • New Macbooks - A more "accessible" version.



    Well, in this Keynote we have more news about "mobile" devices, about Desktops/Notebooks, unfortunately not this time...


    And you? What do you want to see at the next Keynote? Share with us 😉

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    • Old thread I know, just wondering if anyone has had any success installing Mojave on this laptop. I have El Capitan working great, just cannot get the accelerated Graphics to work on Mojave, always get a black screen when I try and inject Intel graphics via Clover. It boots fine without the acceleration and show the notorious 7mb Graphics memory. Any help appreciated.  Thanks!
    • Indeed, your Clover config injected properties to avoid the system freeze/CPU hogging with the DW1820A. Now that you've replaced the DW1820A by a fully natively supported card, you can removed those injected properties from your Clover config.
    • You could try the hard way and follow the same process as detailed in my Latitude D630 guides for High Sierra, Mojave or Catalina: Obviously, some of the files won't be re-usable (like the DSDT or kexts related to specific hardware like LAN card) but the overall process can be applied.   Or there is the easy way where you just follow the recent guides posted at InsanelyMac. A simple forum search on E6410 threads or a basic Google search will lead you there.   Of course, High Sierra is the last macOs version that supports your Tesla graphics natively and to the full. Mojave and Catalina require the specific tricks detailed on the guides to support Tesla graphics in OpenGL-only mode (no support for Metal).   NB: as per our published rules, no references to distros please; stay away from them, they're full of crap.
    • All empty folders except /Other is intended. You can even remove those folders if you want. But...you don't see a need for kexts? :)) Unfortunately, you will need a couple of those if you want to boot. The log mentions something about unsupported CPU. So I'm guessing, some of the things in config, or maybe one of the kexts, could help with that. If you want, you can remove information from smbios and upload your EFI to take a closer look. There's not much you can do from that menu.
    • Actually, I've read the same thing on other forums. So...you might not be the only one with this issue. Weird... Maybe broken package? Idk... I used every beta since 10.15.4 to 10.15.5 final and no issues updating. So it could be that the 10.15.5 update introduced something new, and only creates issues when upgrading from 10.15.4 (probably older, too)...? No idea.   Anyway, glad you managed to get it installed. Using the full installer was indeed the right call.     Enjoy!  
    • I will skip this for sure then. Are there any more boot flags to try? And the kext folders are all empty except for kexts/Other but do not see a need for this either. By the way, the 'Options' button has a lot of sections just not sure what they all do. I put a screenshot maybe something here will make it work. 
    • Hi arsradu,   thx for the reply.   the update was 10.15.4 to 10.15.5.   I ended up using the complete installer an everything went fine.   cheers .d
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