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    Apple Keynote September 12

    We are awaiting in excitement the new fall Apple Keynote event.
    Some of our users are speculating to see a few new items which might include:

    • New iPhone X
    • New Macmini
    • New Macbooks - A more "accessible" version.



    Well, in this Keynote we have more news about "mobile" devices, about Desktops/Notebooks, unfortunately not this time...


    And you? What do you want to see at the next Keynote? Share with us 😉

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    • DW1830 works perfectly like the DW1560 which also has 2 antennas like DW1820A. There's no issue with size, they are basically the same sizes.
    • Thanks @Hervé and @grui@grui.   @Hervé you are spot on about the sticker on the card. Most probably a fake sticker and hence the issues. Trying my best now to get a refund. May I know where you get your cards from since you've had good success with 3 of them now?   After reading a bunch more, am thinking of making the jump to Dw1830 directly, for BT4.1, and out of box compatibility. However, do you think the size will fit given the above? I may try pulling the wwan antennas to attach to the additional socket. What do you think? Cost isn't too much of a concern for now, I would have loved to get DW1820a working though... Size is right, antenna slots right and BT4.1... Would have been nice.    @Jake Lo you had experience with Dw1830 before. Any thoughts on this? 
    • Thank you for the clarification about HWMonitor. What do you think about "Menu Apple→Sleep mode not working" Sleep mode occurs only automatically, the shortcut keys also do not work.
    • what herve said. the kext is Dr.Hurts hard work not mine. i had no involvement in it. i did not have anything to do with writing the code for the kext. i just compiled Dr.Hurts last code he left us with so that we could try it.
    • CPU model does not matter, except in the the case where you would try to re-use the CPU-related power management SSDT of another CPU. That would not work.   Now, don't get confused. Pike R Alpha's SSDT generator script is ONLY for CPU power management. Nothing else. So, if you wanted to modify other items such as USB ports or dGPU via SSDT, you need to create/add further tables.   HWMonitor works with FakeSMC plugins. There are several of them: ACPISensors CPUSensors GPUSensors LPCSensors SMMSensors to name those that accompany Rehabman's latest versions of FakeSMC. These plugin kexts can be located alongside FakeSMC or inside a PlugIns subfolder within FakeSMC. If you only have a subset of them, the info displayed by HWMonitor will be reduced accordingly.  
    • I found this on the forum from @Jake Lo E6440_HD4600_HotPatch.zip I replaced the contents and now go to sleep automatically well, but Menu Apple→Sleep mode still not working.  I also noticed that in all the mentions and manuals of the E6440 is used i5 4300. I have i5 4310. Does it matter?  I was thinking of creating an SSDT for my configuration, but faced with the fact that in the folder(E6440_HD4600_HotPatch.zip) I mentioned there were many different SSDTs. But ssdPRGen.sh creates only two files.  And why HWmonitor may not work? It reads only the temperature of the disks. I understand that I may not look educated, but help me. P.S. sorry for my english.
    • I received the CN-096JNT today. Once plugged in, I was actually surprised to see it carry subsystem id 1028:0021, not 1028:0022 (I've modified post #2 to that effect). Once fitted in, the card seemed to perfectly Ok without any issue at all in my Latitude 7490, just like my other 2 x CN-0VW3T3. However, after 5 to 10mins, CPU got clogged up to full speed and laptop grounded to a near-halt and became unusable. This was reproduced systematically so this card is NOk like 08PKF4 model.   MAC address OUI for that card is AC:E0:10.                   'beginning to wonder if manufacturer's OUI wouldn't have a part to play in all this too...
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