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    • @Jake Lo   Got Bluetooth and Ethernet (Realtek) working with the kexts you shared. Thanks! Didn't clear kextcache the first time.   My battery life seems to be quite a bit shorter than on Linux. Any thoughts on how I can troubleshoot the battery life?
    • I have a question about a HP ProDesk 600G1 SFF. I have it already running smoothly with Mojave (currently updating to Catalina) but I have only one problem. When I reboot or shutdown it causes a panic. It is not visible. It's caused on the end of the shutdown or reboot procedure. While booting in verbose or just after entering the GUI its telling me it was rebooted by a panic. I don't know if it is also resetting the BIOS. I don't think so but I think it has something to do with it. At insalymac there is a elitedesk 800g1 which is almost the same system somebody tells something about a RTCMemoryFixup.kext which had to be added but I tried and no success. Any idea how to fix this?      
    • No nvidia graphics in IOReg, so it's definitely been disabled. You can also check system information under graphics/displays. Power management is enabled and working. You can try disabling SD Card and Com ports in BIOS and anything not used to preserve energy.
    • Thanks a lot! Sleep working ok, keys also   I attach ioregistryexplore dumped file, if you can check if nvidia is disable - because I don't exceed battery remaning time. In coconut battery I have power comsumption still about 15 watts in idle.    Best regards ioregistry_after_clover.zip
    • They are 2 different class of processor.  E5470 is Skylake with HD 520 (newer than E7450) E7450 is Broadwell with HD 5500 All is supported for E7450 (besides wifi - usually comes with Intel which is not supported) E5470 - same as E7450 but SD Card is not supported, finger scanner, wifi if it's intel.
    • try this, replace Config file and add the SSDT* to clover patched folder 5480_Kormoran.zip
    • @Jake Lo i have a question, which one i should buy? E5470 or Dell Latitude E7450?
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