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    • Changing topic title since we've gone way past audio issues in 10.14.1...
    • You may simply enable/activate the Clover AICPUPM patch rather than those kexts that have become a little obsolete with the demise of old Chameleon. Even Enoch offered on-the-fly AICPUPM patch in the end.  
    • Hi Hervé. The patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement kexts works for my Xeon W3690 (Gulftown) as well. My HP Z400 hangs with a Kernel panic at boot with vanilla AICPUPM kext (Mojave 10.14.4) but using your patched kext it works fine despite is not a Sandy/Ivy Bridge cpu. Thank you!! Rob
    • Hi,   i'm trying to install Mojave on my e5550. I created a usb stick with unibegast. The boot up works completely, the installation starts. BUT: I can not use the keyboard or mouse. Tried USB keyboard/mouse same thing.   any suggestions?   cheers .d
    • hello there, I cleaned out my system and now I have one ssd with Mojave 10.4.2 and one clover boot manager. Before I had 2 or more entries on two or more efi partitions and wasn't really sure, where was were. So now I would like to update to 10.4.4 but get stuck in the install boot up with a kextstall (240) APPLEACPI...... and nothing happens then. Something is inside the deeps of the system what doesn't fit. And the bluetooth is gone, since I changed the system somewhat. I attached my system files and debug reports, hope it isn't missing something... Thank you for your help.... debug_22874.zip
    • @Achille In the future, please use the forum Spoiler facility for such posts. Thank you.   I don't think many people will bother to read that stuff you posted but if you want to verify CPU power management, there are 2 x little tools at your disposal: Intel Power Gadget HWMonitor app (available alongside FakeSMC and its Plugins which are required for proper monitoring). See here for instance.
    • Wake issue usually is USB related or you need to disable the discrete graphics. You don't have the systems specs or clover folder you're using to help you further.
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