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    Big Sur 11.0.1 regression

    Nov 19th, 2020: Apple released a statement related to severe issues affecting Late 2013/Mid 2014 13" MacBookPro. These are the Haswell MacBookPro11,1 models.



    In order to prevent further widespread of the issues and pending an eventual fix, Apple released a new Big Sur 11.0.1 version (build 20B50) that basically excludes MBP11,1 platform from the list of supported Mac models.


    15" models of the same generation, i.e. MacBookPro11,2 and MacBookPro11,3 are not affected by this and remain on the list of supported platforms.


    The direct consequence of this on Hackintosh is this:

    1. Hackintosh computers running with MacBookPro11,1 SMBIOS can no longer obtain Big Sur as a software update or download Big Sur from the AppStore.
    2. Hackintosh computers running with MacBookPro11,1 SMBIOS must use the -no_compat_check boot argument to install Big Sur.
    3. A workaround to this is, of course, to run Big Sur with a different SMBIOS such a MacBookPro11,2 or MacBookPro11,3.

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    • We'd all be grateful if you'd go easy on the permanent quoting; it really isn't necessary and quite messy.   I gave you packs, obviously without the CPU PM ssdt since I could not guess what CPU you had. As clearly stated, they're not full OC EFI folders! If you tried to boot with nothing else, you indeed must have failed miserably... All you have to do is make your OC EFI folder following Dortania's current documentation and then, update it with the stuff in the packs I gave you. Then add your CPU PM ssdt and update the config accordingly. I thought it would have been common sense and easily understood.   With OC 0.6.3, your default EFI updated with my pack's contents and SMBIOS MBP10,2, you'll be able to install Big Sur 11.0.1 as shown in my E6230 detailed guide.   Good luck!
    • Herve,   Yes, DSDT is there. How is CPU power management done in the pack you provided?  It has no SSDT-PM and no call to in in config.plist Right now, I'd settle for the built-in display. My EFI is coming from Jake Lo's bootpack, like everything else except the SMBIOS config and SSDT-PM Big Sur would not install using anything less than MacBookPro11.2 RIght now I am more concerned about the laptop display shutting off after the apple logo is first displayed. My E6430 will not even begin to boot with the boot packs you provided.  First hurdle - configured to use VAULT - security section in config.plist is incomplete.   What version of OPENCORE are you using?  Are you using it with the release version of macOS 11.1?   My E6430 specs are as follows: i7-3740QM HD 4000 only 1440x900  16GB RAM Webcam No fingerprint sensor  
    • I can assure you that there is nothing in the kexts folder of the packs I posted that could be specifically for Clover. You know, kexts are the same whether you boot with Clover or OpenCore and the same goes for caching kexts from /L/E.   On the other hand, the OC EFI you posted contains many incorrect items. ACPI: No patched DSDT. SSDT-EC which is Ok for older systems (up to Broadwell) such as your Ivy Bridge E6430. SSDT-EC-USBX which is for newer systems (Skylake and later) and therefore irrelevant for you. Delete this. SSDT-PM is for a quad-core i7-3740QM, I assume this is the CPU you have, therefore correct CPU PM SSDT; if not, you know the drill... Drivers: No need to include them all. You only need to use and declare those drivers you need: Audio (if you want startup chime), OpenRunTime, HfsPlus and, if you use the OC GUI, OpenCanopy. Kexts: Several conflicting drivers here... AirPortBrcmFixup vs. FakePCIID+FakePCIID_Broadcom_Wifi. Remove the latter 2, they've been kind of obsolete for some time now. USBPorts_E6430 vs. USBInjectAll. Remove the latter; it's either USBPorts or USBInjectAll+SSDT-UIAC (which you don't have). OC Config file: calls for a DSDT that's not there. does not call for the CPU PM SSDT that's in the ACPI folder. Therefore no CPU power management... Device Properties: injects correct properties for HiRes LCD but retains limitations to single display port (built-in LCD) only. Further properties are required if you want additional display ports, at least HDMI. Kernel: properly selects desired kexts and removes any contradictions mentioned above Drivers:  setup only selects those you want but I don't know if you should have ApfsDriverLoader.efi rather than HfsPlus.efi. I actually wonder where your ApfsDriverLoader module is coming from. Clover? PlatformInfo: there is absolutely no reason why you would use the SMBIOS of Haswell MacBookPro11.1 when you should be using SMBIOS of Ivy Bridge MacBookPro9,2 or MacBookPro10,2. NVRAM: applies -igfxnohdmi. May be you want to revise this once you inject properties that'll support HDMI output.   I can only suggest you use the packs I provided above given that current setup looks quite incorrect to me. A particular aspect to pay attention to is your CPU model and the CPU PM SSDT that you need to use or generate accordingly.   I also strongly recommend that you post your E6430 specs so that we avoid wasting time on trying to provide assistance in the dark. It's highly desired to post such specs in signature...
    • I Cloned a newly created Big Sur drive, with the newest version of Carbon Copy Cloner and i got this screen on startup. No Drive. CCC said successfully cloned, and It shows up on my other computer as a disk. I'm also emailing CCC to ask why.   Also, the Big Sur Drives show up perfectly fine from a computer running Big Sur, but when i look at the drives from a catalina computer, i see this:   Original Install:   Cloned Install:
    • I got through the install resuming from sleep, but that's not working as I boot into MACOS. Generating a new ssdt-pm.aml using ssdtprgen.sh did not correct that issue.
    • Thanks for the suggestion, but i tried with no result. I added -Igfxvesa to config.plist with Open Core Configurator in NVRAM section, boot-args, right click>Boot args>Whatevergreen>Igfxvesa, as shown in the screen capture. I tried to boot with the new config with same results. After that, I tried a fresh install with that bootflag with same results. Do you know another EFI bootpack for Latitude E5470? I'm beggining to think there must me something different in my laptop to the one that this EFI was made for. Thanks for your attention.   Entropic
    • Okay, took a while to reply, but I tried it again. Put in a new SSD to be sure. Computer installs without problems. I mount the EFI's from the installer and the SSD and transfer the EFI folder from the USB installer to the EFI drive from the SSD. The I restart the computer and the problem starts all over again: 'it boots the MacHD, then reboots halfway. I get the Dell logo, it tries to boot MacHD and then it will give me that warning thing 'You need to restart you computer. Hold down the power button etc.'. And that goes on into a loop for multiple times until the machine shuts off.' I tried Reset NVRam, tried creating a new boot option in the BIOS, point it to /efi/oc/opencore.efi, doesn't work. If I put in the USB installer the machine is able to boot from the USB.   I've attached some screenshots, hope anyone can help me out. screenshots.zip
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