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    macOS Catalina 10.15 is out !

    Following the release of GM version a few days ago, Catalina 10.15 was released Monday October 7th, 2019.



    Build is 19A583. It is available off the AppStore for download. Those who run on beta versions through the beta enrolment program should probably 1st revert to default mode before attempting to download as the new macOS version may not be otherwise be offered.








    Our 1st few guides have just stared to roll in so we invite everyone to bring in their new contributions.


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    • Hi @Jake Lo, we’re using the very same settings and the same dids/clover. Maybe it’s my config? As I’ve seen in the releases of the developer Slice, he fixed some parts of dsdt patching in this new build. Maybe this could possibly affected my config?
    • DW1510 is no longer supported in Catalina and as such you'll need to restore kext(s) from Mojave.  https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11138-inventory-of-supportedunsupported-wireless-cards-2-sierra-catalina/   For 10.15.0, you'll only need IO80211Family.kext replaced from Mojave  copy to /L/E For 10.15.1, you'll need both IO80211Family.kext and  IO80211FamilyV2.kext from Mojave copy to /L/E Repair permissions and rebuild cache
    • OK, that's good to know. In that case, I'm not sure why my DW1510 wifi card is not recognized.  It worked perfectly under Mojave.  I'm using the latest Lilu and WEG kexts, and RehabMan's most recent Brcm kexts.  However, the Brcm kexts date from May 2018...   I've attached my debug log if you would be willing to take a look- Thanks! debug_8634.zip
    • I recall 5580's I2C touchpad is Alps and it's not fully supported by VoodooI2C.kext. You'll have basic functionality only. You can post in the developer's page for further assistance but I don't think he has the hardware to test and implement the feature for Alps. https://gitter.im/alexandred/VoodooI2C
    • No issue with v5100 on my E7470. I'm using this version of Clover with the following settings Install for UEFI booting only Install Clover in the ESP UEFI Drivers\Recommended Drivers ApfsDriverLoader AptioMemoryFix AudioDxe DataHubDxe FSInject HFSPlus SMCHelper (leave off if you have VirtualSMC.kext in bootpack) Additional drivers PartitionDxe Themes (Optional)
    • @narigondelsiglo What wifi device does it have, I believe the default is Intel. If that's the case, it's not supported in MacOS. You'll need to replace it with a supported card, I recommend DW1560 as what the OP is using as well.
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