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    macOS Catalina 10.15.7 is out

    Released September 24th, 2020.

    Build 19H2.


    We thought 10.15.6 would be the last major Catalina version with further updates limited to Supplemental Updates or Security Updates only. Today, Apple proved us wrong and released 10.15.7 update today! Safe to install on our Hacks without specific issues or surprises to expect. 









    Security update 2020-005 for High Sierra (17G14033) and Mojave (18G6032) also released at the same time.

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    • Just a final report, again taking in to consideration with the device differences.   Bluetooth works, but randomly. If a restart comes from Windows to macOS, it seems to have problems finding devices, a restart from macOS to macOS fixes it. Keeping in mind that i still have the stock Intel 8260 WiFi, however i'm not sure if it shares a BT with it too, vague memory right now. I can live with it as i barely use BT. I'm also trying to calculate the best Scan Policy for removing Windows from the OC boot entry, and am ashamed i've lost all my HEX abilities outside of MAC Addresses.   And two issues which i think are NVRAM related, which probably have an easy fix until i learn a bit more about it. NVRAM clearings to test the best EFI, resulted in slow Restarts/Shutdowns/Sleep in Windows, which macOS does a lot faster haha. OC seems to hijack the UEFI priority list and put itself as the first UEFI boot entry, many times rendering the Windows Boot Manager incorrect, frankly the UEFI will always see the NVMe device.   Also, impressively, battery drain is a lot less compared to Windows.   It's been a really nice learning curve, and OpenCore is really wonderful to work with.   Thank you Jake Lo, the board and OP for initiating this thread.  
    • Hi Guys, I have have an old dell insprion 3670 laying around.I recently tried to hackintosh it with bigsur.I get to the apple logo and no progress bar. When in verbose mode it gave me this error when it had a kernal panic:.com.apple.AppleIntelCFLgraphicsFramebuffer. I am guessing this has got to do with my graphics but I am a noob at hackintoshing therefore struggling to figure it out. If anyone can help I would be very greatful as I have been trying to do this for weeks.Here is my EFI folder for anyone that can help/modify it again I would be very greatful as i am new to this. EFI.rar
    • DW1550 or DW1510 if you only want wifi The one you have DW1560 is M.2 and will be support on the newer models Broadcom and higher.   If you want to see if you have the latest kexts, download and run Kext Updater.app
    • Mark:   The second link you posted (https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/13071-dell-latitude-e7440-catalina-10154) is the one i used to build a new e7440 two days ago. The guide was great, and the ONLY issue i had was to make sure you format the drive in the dell correctly, not as Mac OS Extended but as APFS. Make sure your BIOS is a28.   Follow Hervé's bios set up, and the EFI folder provided by trognaz seemed to work perfectly (though I wouldn't mind someone to confirm it's all the latest drivers).   I was pretty impressed with the specs: it was showing on Geekbench with just about the same speed as my macbook pro (2016) single core. My macbook Pro has 4 cores, so it would hit x2 the speed of the e7440, but only on programs that can take advantage of them.   Hervé/Jake:   Can you recommend a Broadcom? I screwed up and got a DW1560 which turned out to be the wrong connector. (need Mini PCI). Any suggestions would be awesome.  
    • @Subash Rogers 'Waiting for root device' is an USB issue. Did you try booting from a different USB port?
    • I tried that config.plist on my USB stick with r5122,  r5107, and the r5093 from your guide, no luck. Still panicking.   Tried formatting the USB as GPT, no luck (booted into Clover fine, but still a kernel_task panic pre-installer).   Tried using a USB hard drive instead of the thumb drive, no luck (ditto).   Tried installing HS onto my SSD with Clover and booting directly from SATA, no luck (ditto).   The panics aren't even fully repeatable. Sometimes they're right after Lilu loads (I tried the latest version of Lilu and the one from your download pack), sometimes while establishing some system kext's dependencies; sometimes, it just hangs during the kext debugging part. I also get inconsistent boots ("6" will show on the boot loader but it won't start loading Clover, or it'll throw an X64 exception with a wall of red text). Maybe the BIOS is buggy or the board is on its way out. At any rate I'm going to try a Windows 7 OEM key I have to see if I can install Windows 10 and move on to hacking something with UEFI. Clover setup on my HP 8300 USDT showed me how easy this could be and if I'm suffering through trial-and-error I want it to be while learning OpenCore.   EDIT:   HOT DANG!!! So I went to install Windows 7 and the installer was hanging at the "loading files" progress bar. I decided to check the RAM sticks. Popped out three of them and it booted immediately into the Windows installer. Curious, I put back in the SSD with High Sierra and only FakeSMC, Lilu, and WhateverGreen in Other and...it booted fine!!! (There were a couple of non-fatal errors I'll get to later. Something about DVMT and one or two others.)   So... SUCCESS with that config.plist!!! And folks, don't make my mistake and assume that cheap used memory bought on Offerup is still good 😅   Thanks again Hervé!!!!!!!   Catalina here I come!!!      
    • I suggest you investigate what a DW1506 card is based on.
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