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    • I'm starting a new hackintosh on Ideapad 330s 15IKB with i7 8550/UHD 620/8GB RAM/2 TB HDD    I'm just curious what's the difference of Cloverhackycolor's version of clover (currently r5096) to Dids' clover version (currently r5093). The former(Cloverhackycolor) has 10 releases currently and the latter has 200 releases. Also, what should I use? Thanks in advance!
    • I did a complete installation of Catalina from the beginning instead of an update of Mojave. It works well (besides BT but it's a common unsolved problem).   I did the upgrade proposed for Catalina today and I lost the touchpad. This happens when the installation is new and is fixed by booting several times. This time, it didn't worked.   I installed Voodoo in L/E/ and repaired permissions and touchpad is back now. I wonder if I must do the same with all the kext in clover? Or only some of them? And also must I delete form clover the kext once installed in L/E/? Is there some documentation I can read?   Thanks!
    • I've recreated the subparts.kext and ssd-uiac.aml but it is not working. I declared Touchscreen as INTERNAL in Hackintool, but it won't work. Archive.zip
    • I've tried to search why the ethernet port doesnt pick up an ip address. I've replaced old kext with new and tried the sync time but still no go. I know the ethernet port works since i installed Win10 first and that had no problem. Am I missing something or has it really been a LONG day.      Thanks in advance.
    • It just worked in Mojave before, so I did not change it. Anyway, I just changed the Audio injection to blank, it still does not wake up.
    • Was there a reason why in your clover config, Devices section, audio injection was set to "No"? I should be left blank, knowing that you inject layout-id 12 in the Properties for HDEF device @1B...
    • 1.HDMI not work on latitude 5580  2.No sound after plugging in the headphones CLOVER.zip
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