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    • try adding this kext to kexts/Other SATA-RAID-unsupported.kext.zip   for FakePCIID.XHCIMux.kext, you need FakePCIID.kext in the same directory
    • thank you Jake lo, I just found this out about my HP ENVY Dv7 7250us   https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebooks-Archive-Read-Only/How-to-enable-AHCI-for-HP-ENVY-TouchSmart-m6-k015dx/m-p/3310507#M115130   it doesn't support AHCI instead with intel's RST software it runs the disks in RAID, dued to some technical issues. my question to you, for a situation like this is there a workaround to install Macos 
    • just to update, I've analyze the boot sequence, and I see something that says   kext  org.rehabman.driver.FakePCIID.XHCIMux - library kext org.rehabman.driver.fakepciid not found can't load kext org.rehabman.driver.fakepciid.xhcimux - failed to resolve library dependencies kext ort.rehabman.driver.fakepciid.xhcimux failed to load (0xdc0000e) failed to load kext org.rehabman.driver.fakepciid.xhcimux (error 0xdc00000e)
    • I added the file FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext to the USB boot drive's clover>Kext>other but nothing happened, I don't know if I should install the boot loader to the drive itself and add it there, I don't think is going to make a difference. what do you suggest, and thanks for the help, I've been dealing with this for over a week now, is driving me mad, the funny thing is that I have a laptop with the same specs that my wife uses and is running apple's latest and greatest os and for some reason I can't get this install to recognized the sata controller or have the laptop's screen working, right now I'm able to see it because I have a external monitor connected to it.   this is what happens before the screen becomes garbled when booting from SATA https://mega.nz/#!0stRwIJK!qH9-CvE8uju8OmdqQBKi5bpz4TmGtc8-cVPLL5iy0yo   https://mega.nz/#!wt0zTKaB!gkSTxY_gVGp-aic1PQBnXQGCWa_D04FKtnQrBqyHjIg  
    • Yes, i also tried it on my windows when i had it and it worked. The chip is available on my usb list too.   For the dedicated thread, @Matroskin did you create one already ?
    • The problem has been solved.
      I removed the Paragon NTFS and mount them in the disk utility (I couldn't mount them before) Thank you for your help
    • Can you boot to Windows? Did you enable Bitlocker?