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    Welcome to OSXL! We are looking for volunteers to join us!

    Welcome to OSXL!¬†ūüėÄ


    Let us begin by introducing ourselves and share our past and future journey with you, so you can see and join us to be part of it.


    We, at OSXL, are a bunch of passionate Hackintoshers who have joined together for creating a community to drive learning, sharing and helping people interested in running Apple Mac software or tinkering with it on non-Apple hardware. We do research and development on a voluntary basis in our free time.


    Since its inception in 2010, our team evolved with people joining and going for all sorts of reasons. Nevertheless, this team brought out some of the best people who contributed to making the Hackintosh community progress. Unlike some other players, we‚Äôre very proud to we have consistently offered an ad-free website without calling for financial support, except on very rare occasions, and also made¬†one of the best looking sites.ūüė欆


    Back in the days, we also designed our "EDP" project to provide a common OS X installation package and a unified post-installation tool. EDP basically offered a central hub for system tuning. The project went through several phase and the latest one is currently Work In Progress. We also completed some research work and developed drivers, fixes and patches for some hardware.


    We recently revamped our site to a more modern look and implemented latest security features so to give our members an improvise quality of experience.

    Also, we are looking to expand for diversifying the content on our site not only to Apple OS, but also Linux, Android and Windows in the very near future with research and development as tech industry has changed a lot recent years and there is so much we can do in other areas and be relevant to what we do. 


    We are looking for passionate and dedicated people who can invest time and efforts in our community on projects like EDP and many others. 


    Drop us a line here in comments or through PM if interested so that we can chat about motivation, skills and ideas.


    You can find our crew list here if you would like to PM instead: OSXL Crew




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