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  • EDP was a project created by OSXLatitude crew back in 2010 to address the need and desire for a unified solution to handle and manage the installation and fine tuning of OS X on fully supported (or close to) Hackintosh platforms.


    EDP was:
    * A configuration tool for Hackintosh platforms
    * An online repo containing kexts, patched DSDTs, SSDTs and config files/plists
    * A repo of apps, tools and fixes for Hackintosh computers


    At its peak, circa 2013/2014, EDP supported tens of Hackintosh platforms (laptops by far and large) for OS X versions ranging from Snow Leopard to Mavericks. However, as years went by, the number of OS X versions adding up and the number Hackintosh platforms dramatically increasing, it became more and more difficult to maintain and develop the tool, keep it accurate and up to date. We lacked resources, we lacked time, we lacked hardware, we lacked feedback and contributions. In addition, development of sophisticated bootloaders such as Clover and maturing of stable standard installation procedures rendered EDP gradually obsolete. In 2015, development ceased and EDP went off-line. The tool is no longer used nor available but remnants are still available on Github at the following URL:


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