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D630 High Sierra

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Since there was no support for 10.13's installation with Enoch at the time, High Sierra installation was done through a Clover-based (r0481 or later) USB installer using the files from the Sierra pack. The USB installer was made through the usual/well-known createinstallmedia command. DSDT was copied to the ACPI/patched folder of the Clover EFI folder, the add-on kexts copied to the kexts/10.13 or kexts/Other folder of the Clover EFI folder and the Clover config file set to reflect CPU power management, SMBIOS profile and other SIP or masking parameters.


High Sierra's installation was a multi-step process where I first installed macOS 10.13 on my destination parttition, then rebooted several times to finalise the installation: 1st time, I rebooted "macOS Install from ..." temporary partition, 2nd time I rebooted the final/target 10.13 partition. All reboots were done through the USB key. 


Once 10.13 was installed on the disk (in HFS+ format, APFS best avoided for the moment in my opinion), usual default fusion drive was removed (diskutil CoreStorage revert ...), Sierra pack copied as /Extra folder on the partition and all add-on kexts copied to /L/E. Cache was then rebuilt using the usual commands. The final step was to install a 10.13-compatible version of Enoch (r2902 for instance) on the 1st partition of the disk.


It's a little cumbersome but it works perfectly thereafter. The drawback is that all subsequent High Sierra updates will require to reboot via the Clover USB installer to complete the update (through the above multi-spteps process) before Enoch can resume boot process again.


I've not posted any guide until now for those reasons and won't do so until such time as Enoch can fully support installation of High Sierra from scratch.



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