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How do I add attachments to messages I post on the forum?

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The question keeps resurfacing on a regular basis, so it's clearly not that obvious to everyone...
Outside pictures which are usually already compressed (eg: JPEG, PNG, etc.) and can therefore be attached "as is", all files must be compressed (zipped) before they can be uploaded as attachments to messages.
1. File attachment is available by clicking on the "More reply options" button available at the bottom right corner of a reply:
2. It's also available by  clicking on the "Use Full Editor" button if you edit an existing post of yours.
3. First click on "Choose File" button to select your file(s), then click on the "Attach This File" button to upload them.
4. You may insert your attachments anywhere in your messages by placing the text cursor at the desired position and clicking on the "Add to Post" button.



5. Attachments can be removed by clicking on the "Delete" button.
6. Without specific insertion in the body of your message, all attachments will simply be added at the end of the message under a line entitled "Attached images" or "Attached Files".

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