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Dell XPS L502X High Sierra FineTune

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Hi Folks!! I just Install Os X 10.13.3 on my Dell XPS L502X, after some research I almost done with this project, but I'm facing some post installation problems...


My system don't wake up from Computer Sleep state - black screen, no power from USB to mouse connection.


When its came out from Display Sleep state only - some display glitches start in some application as Safari and Clover configurator Tools, IORegistryExplorer.. not in finder or any Apple Apps. Photos, iTunes...


My System Profile does not see my USB 3.0 Device Tree - the IORegistryExplorer show mu usb 3.0 ports after net.osx86.kexts.GenericUSBXHCI install at RP04 in AppleACPIPCI tree, this laptop has 3 USB ports one 2.0 in the right (USB + eSATA) and 2 USB 3.0 one in the back and one in the left side; the system mount the devices connected only if you insert any USB device in the back physical port, it's is like a trigger once you put a USB device in the back for it come alive normally, I mean the left USB do not work if you don't insert any USB Device at the back port first... I'm not sure if it's connection is USB 3.0 speeds or not, it's don't show any differences between a USB 3.0 Device like a Segate USB 3.0 external HDD and a USB 2.0 Mouse.


The Blue Ray disk drive works for a while, at some point it disconnected it's self, I have no idea why, the IORegistryExplorer shows it connection ok but after some time it shows as a red lined device. I insert a movie and works fine; I really don't tested in deep...


The Close Lid does not work, Not Change any display status.


I don't do the card reader Kext install yet.. so I still don't know if it's work or not


I need help with iMessages / FaceTime... does not work.


iTunes Store, Apple Store, iCloud works fine.


Audio Works Fine


Brightness works fine keep settings after restart.


Battery Works fine.


Here I put my Debug files


I know that it's a lot of work to do, but I appreciate any advise/help/support form any one with more experience than a newbie like me...



debug_2598 2.zip

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Nop... doesn't work... IORegistryExplore don't even see the USB 3.0 ports. I think this system has Renesas USB 3.0, but not sure...

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I installed HS 10.13.6 on same laptop using enoch

Bt my laptop doesnt have a battery anymore

Using the same kext (rehabman),

In HS it doesnt show battery in menu bar and neither can i check the show battery box in system settings

In sierra and previous builds it used to show 'no battery' icon in the menu bar


My main concern is since battery is not configured properly, trackpad settings are blank (known issue)


Let me know if you need any logs




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If you have no battery and you cannot tick the "show battery" option, then clearly no, you're not gonna get a battery icon in the Finder's bar. 🙄 You had the icon before because a battery was detected (even if it no longer worked) before you took it out


Battery icon and Trackpad settings have nothing in common. Your PrefPane is empty because either you have an unsuitable PS2 controller kext installed or you have a TrackPad not fully supported (eg: I2C). You'll have to identify the model.


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Hi Herve,


Even on yose, el cal & sierra i had the battery removed

And it showed the battery icon in menu bar.. showed as 'no battery'


I faced a similar issue on sierra where i was unable to check the show battery in menu at first but using the latest kext at the time it showed battery ( attached image)


Also trackpad is fully supported after connecting the battery (same laptop as OP)

I prefer using it without though


It a known bug in high sierra that macbooks dont display trackpad pref if battery isnt connected




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Again, the battery icon will only show in the Finder's bar if you can enable that option in the Energy Saving PrefPane. If you cannot tick that box you'll have no battery icon in the Finder's bar.


Having the TouchPad PrefPane visible after you insert the battery is a bit of a mystery. Maybe we'll be able to look into that once you post a zipped copy of your /Extra folder, since you use Enoch + the set of add-on kexts you've installed either in /S/L/E or /L/E.

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