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Customized Sony Vaio SVE1513BYNB

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I've Sony Vaio SVE1513BYNB laptop. I know it's been out-dated. But I've upgraded it with WB SSD and now works super fine with windows 10 or any Linux for development purpose.


I've attached hardware details. (If you want to take reference)

One more thing to note is both SSD and HDD have MBR partitions.


I'm not sure for Hackintosh. I've never done it before. So can you guide me for which latest distro of Hackintosh is compatible with my laptop??







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Stay away from distro, they bring more trouble than good these days. Proceed with a full vanilla installation of the latest macOS version (High Sierra). You have a SandyBridge laptop so most if not everythign should work, depending on exact hardware specifications. For instance, integrated HD3000 is supported OOB but a discrete GPU may not be.

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