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Copy/paste whitespace issue in High Sierra

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Cannot recall I had this problem with prior versions of MacOS. Whenever I copy/paste text from one MacOS app to the other, everything gets preceded by a whitespace. Terribly annoying when coding something.


Clarification (in steps):

1) select / highlight text double click a word

2) cmd c

3) cmd v


gets preceded with whitespace :(  exempt: and here in the forum it doesn't happen :) but often does in other sites in Chrome. And it ain't a Chrome problem either, as in Dreamweaver I have the same thing happening. Doing the same on Windows 10? No problem whatsoever. So it must be a MacOS problem?


Thus how/where can I turn this preceding whitespace off? Couldn't find it in autocorrection, and have yet to find a tool that takes out the whitespace for me. Anyone has a suggestion? Been googling for days already. Every single time I give up, and then ... when coding again; argh! What am I overlooking ?

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I used to have issues with copy/paste when patching things like kexts' Info.plist where the regular/default quote character (") was replaced by an italic version. This would then screw the code of the plist file. I was due to Smart quotes or Smart dashes being enabled (by default) in apps such as TextEdit for instance.



There's another option called Smart copy/paste. Maybe this is the sort of things you ought to look into.


These can normally be disabled through the Keyboard PrefPane.



You may also check your coding app/editor substitutions settings (if available):


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Thanks, already disabled all that indeed. Cannot find such things for whitespaces though. :(

Even disabled ALL spelling control temporary in all apps I use and ... no change. Unless ...


*edit* Ahaaa! Based on the 3rd screenshot in prior post, I found & disabled "view" -> "code view options" -> "Auto indent" (and some other things too) in DreamWeaver CC 2015. Progress! That leaves me with ... Chrome, but reproduced the issue in Safari too. *sigh*


*edit2* ah correction to my 1st post. It doesn't happen when selecting text; then it works! it only happens when double clicking a word. There seems to be a difference on an OS level how the last character is interpreted. Where its being assumed to replace \n by a whitespace of sorts. Sources:

no difference btw between copy/paste and 'smart' copy/paste (shift CMD v). Neither holding 1 or combination of keys when copying.


Therefore, currently digging into clipboard managers. 

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