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Thank You Jake! (And Everyone here!)

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Hi Guys,  (Esp Jake).


I just wanted to share my deep and complete gratitude for this forum and the support offered on here.


I did a random google search a few weeks ago for Hackintosh & Latitude and found these forums.

I quickly and easily installed OSX HS on my Dell e7240 (yes initially a bit buggy but oh well)


I noticed that the E7440 was almost the same laptop but with a better screen.

Something that really bugged me about the e7240 was the screen size, Lack of Hard drive expansion, and it really sucked for Programming.




So picked up a used e7440 of eBay and moved my SSD and extra ram from the 12 inch into the 15-inch machine.


A few patches, bugs, checking with the forum and getting help here has left me with an ALMOST perfect Mac pro!!!!


Sound, Keyboard (UK) Battery life multiple screens outputs with HDMI + Mini DP.  All WOrk brilliantly!




Just can't believe that a low-cost laptop of eBay is as powerful if not more powerful than a $2000 USD Mac pro!


Its just so awesome, and I am so thankful for all the work you do here.



Right now my machine has: i5, 1080p screen, 256gb SSD, 16GB Ram, 2TB Seagate HDD, and I have 2 extra batteries on the way too!


And it triple boots macos (Works perfectly) Linux mint (Works Perfect) and Win 10, (Obvs, slow as a dog, but works perfectly)



So thank you thank you thank you very much!




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