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P8P67 Pro (i5-2500k) with R9 380

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Hi all. I cant really progress past the install, graphics are fuzzy, bad, get big red box and i am unable to progress (this is the screen where you pick the location)



i have taken out all my wifi card and sound card.


this is my part list:




I have used vanilla high sierra 13.6, as well as unifail.


my clover is very basic and i do not know really how to proceed. could you show me how to make a dsdt for this mobo?




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Hello @ameeno.


If you may not use iMacPro1,1 you can use iMac 15,1 witch is quite good too.

Juste disable PMC1 to PMCR in config.plist 


Source: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/333510-macos-high-sierra-r9-380/

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Hi Thanks for that.


I have tried that config already, but it does not work for me.


My Motherboard does not have an iGPU.


the closet i have gotten is the country select screen on a High Sierra install, where the graphics become unusable.



This config is for haswellnot sandybridge?

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