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Frank Grey

Country code wifi - dw1560 - BCM94352Z - high sierra

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I have the wrong country code on my dw1560 - BCM94352Z under wifi airport (option click on wifi symbol) in OSX - High Sierra.

I have US, does anyone now how to change this - the kernal patch for it? I need SE :/, tried to search online and used:

echo -n SE|xxd in terminal and have tried different kernal and ketch patches with this value - no luck :(.

Wifi and bluetooth works, just wrong country code - attaching config.plist


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Thanks guys!!!
The config.plist didn't work :(, US again after reboot.

Does this patch req. any special kexts?

I have:






But just under my Efi, should I also have the in S/E? 😕

(I don't use AirportBrcmFixup.kext).

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Ready the post and have tried different kext / patches, can't get it to work :(, probably me doing some mistake.

Is there anyone how have changed the country code successfully on 10.13 with a Broadcom wifi ? :( Really app. all help!!

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