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[SOLVED] Latitude 5480, Mojave 10.14

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I have a Latitude 5480 with graphics 620.

I tried couple of times downloading multiples EFI found on internet and used them.

I have now i think a kernel panic, but I can't find what is it exactly.

Someone can explain me how which logs I have to analyze, and how can I finish setup everything by my own following a good way.

Thank's guys.




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There're files posted earlier in the thread, had you tried them?

Boot with verbose + debug 0x100 mode by selecting them after pressing the spacebar.

Post screenshot here when you encounter the KP

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yes already download EFI files from this topic. I successed installed mojave on ssd.

when i tried to install EFI to ssd to boot directly from ssd and not with usbkey, I started having KP. I tried couples of time several way to fix without success.

now I erased everything, ssd, usbkey.

I re-created a fresh usbkey using your tutorial for mojave.

when I start install from usbkey, with verbose and debug, I can't catch the KP details. I only see the last lines of KP debug. I'm looking a way to save all boot debug into a file.

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