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Clover - Unable to boot Encrypted APFS - E6540 Mojave


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I can assure you I installed all the UEFI files. which ones specifically do I need? maybe I missed something.


I can boot Mojave flawlessly with just APFS but with APFS Encrypted it can see the preboot partition but then gets stuck from the begining.


I have attached my EFI bootpack, it might help someone who needs is, HDMI + Audio work natively.


Also Jake this might be off topic but I thought I'd share the following:- Clover does allow to store ACPI patches in sub folders as you see in my EFI bootpack and this makes it easy for me to have multiple systems for for multiple versions of MacOS installations in just one boot pack by having multiple Config IDs in the Clover root folder. I only attached the relevant files for E6540 and 10.14.0 


In my Clover root folder I have

config.10.13.6.E6530.1.plist <---- testing with version 1 for that system for that OS version

config.10.13.6.E6530.2.plist <---- testing with version 2 for that system for that OS version

config.10.14.0.E6530.1.plis t <---- testing with different OS version

config.10.14.0.E6540.1.plis t


config.plist <------------- default


I wish Clover could make it one step way to select which config.plist to boot from upon boot without going to options, then it would be practical to have one bootpack for any system with any version if you wanted to.


Anyway I have tested the attached EFI bootpack with E6540 with 10.14.0 and it works perfectly, I am just trying to boot an enctypted APFS now and I hope I can get some help.



EFI - E6540 - 10.14.0.zip

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