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Does Facetime or iMessage Work?

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It really depends on your age of AppleID account.


In my experience, I remember my friend recently created Apple ID on his hackintosh but apple server is not letting him login in without reason. I looked his clover config. It is already prefect. I logged my own apple ID account on his hackintosh for testing. It is working fine because it is very old account I think. I contacted Apple Customer Support. Thry told me it is locked. I am letting them remote control on hackintosh. (Actually, I did. They don't noticed GTX 1080 TI) They did fixed imessage on his iPad but not hackitnosh. Apple Engineer asked me to dump something I forgot what's call. I suggested him my friend to use ipad for iMessage. That's his option only without pain ass. I am not letting him borrow my account again lol.


Remember make sure cover config and account are working for iMessage.




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iMessage used to work on most hacks with proper config without any problem, but that is not true anymore. Very old accounts works without any problem everywhere, but most relatively new accounts works on real Macs and iPhones, but not on hacks.


Guides how to make iMessage working are mostly useless if you haven't used iMessage before. In this case you are probably doomed. Same applies if you start using it in near past.


It's not clear why some accounts work and some doesn't on same hack. Some people think that this is related to time when account is created. Some other people think that is actually related to older iPhones that owners of those accounts might had.

Few months ago I spend days testing iMessage with few different accounts on several real iMacs, MacBooks, iPhones and my hack with about 10 different Clover configs.


I used two old accounts of my friends to login on my test devices and everything worked everywhere. They both have those accounts for a long time, but both also had older iPhones.


I have relatively new account. My account worked on every real device, but not on hack. I generated all config values few times but iMessage didn't work.


Finally, I decided to try to use MLB and ROM values from one of those real MacBooks and my account just worked! I also tried with MLB and ROM values from iMac and that worked just fine, even I used 7,2 model in my config. I tried to generate similar MLB and ROM values like real ones, but iMessage didn't work. MLB from one real Mac and ROM from another wouldn't help.


Looks like MLB and ROM values from real Macs are paired or at least dependent on each other and iMessage usually checks that dependency. If those doesn't match you will get a message to call support. In some cases this check is ignored or not done.


Yes, cloned values from real Mac works, but DO NOT DO THAT unless they are from unused broken Mac.

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11 hours ago, ameeno said:

even with wifi on AW CE123h Wifi card herve?


only on ethernet?

You're somehow mistaken. For FaceTime and iMessage (or even AppStore) to work, you 1st need to have your LAN/Ethernet card working and set as primary interface en0. If your LAN card is not supported, you can use a fake Ethernet driver.


Then, it's a matter of configuring the required settings properly, i.e. MLB and ROM values. Through experience, I found out that I did not need MLB/ROM values from real Macs but those generated through Clover Configurator do the job. So generate your SMUUID, MLB, ROM and so on in CC using the buttons provided by the app. There are tons of guides on the matter, you'll have to scrounge the Net if you want further info on the details.

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You are absolutely right that properly generated serials and proper config file are enough for working iMessage and FaceTime in many cases.


Unfortunately, in some cases that is just not enough and there is no help, especially for newly crated accounts that have never been used before - those people will get message to call support whatever they try. Worst thing that we can do is to convince them that they need to fix their configs. I was one of them and I know how frustrating is to do everything right, but without any result.


I spent literary my whole vacation in testing and did hundreds of tests, so I am pretty sure that I have done proper testing and that I made valid assumptions based on all of those tests.


My friend accounts (made before 2017) worked perfectly on every generated MLB and ROM that I made, but none of my family accounts didn't work (made in 2017 and 2018) on same config. My accounts works only on real Macs/iPhones or with MLB/ROM pair from same real Mac. Everything else resulted in "call support" message.


Some people with similar problem even tried to call support but it didn't help either.


I tried to create account on real Mac, to use it for a day there and then to try to use it on hack and it didn't work. Same applies for account created and used on iPhone.

Since you are one of those lucky people that do not have "call support issue", can you please tell me is your account made before 2017 and if you had any older iPhone before 2017? I am trying to figure out what is the connection between those accounts that works except possibly the creation date.


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My apple account dates back to several years but I only ever got an iPhone in 2017 (and it's an SE).

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Thank you.


So, it looks like that only thing that really matters not to fall in "call support group" is when account was created after all, as initially assumed by some people.

I am almost sure that all other assumptions are not correct (since I tried almost all of them)


  1. It is not important if account was created on real Mac, iPhone or hack. All accounts that I created in any of those ways doesn't work, since they all are made in 2017 an 2018.
  2. It is not important if you account have credit card attached or not, or if you made any purchase on AppStore. I tried two credit cards and bought cheap iPhone app, but that didn't help. Old account from my friend worked without added credit card worked. 
  3. It is not important if your account was used on real Apple hardware for some time. My account was used on my iPhone 7 plus for some time, but that didn't help.
  4. It is not important if you are signed to iCloud and if everything is synced or not. Results are same in both cases.
  5. It is not important if you are using two step verification or not. Results are same in both cases.
  6. And finally, based on your answer, it also looks like it is not important that you had iPhone 5 or older with old iOS.


Some people wrote that their accounts suddenly start working after few month's, without any change to their configs, but I cant confirm or deny that.


To be sure that all people who are reading this message understand what I am talking about, I must write that all this only applies to people that have correctly generated values and proper config files in case when they are getting call support message for some accounts and some other accounts work without any problem on their machines. This message looks like this:




In any other case, proper config should be made first, as you already stated in your post.


I also need to write this once more to all the people that are considering to use cloned values. DO NOT DO THAT unless that Mac is broken or not used.


btw. can someone from admins please move this to Software matters or issues / Apple apps, since this conversation is more appropriate for that section.


EDIT: I added a picture to be sure that people understand that I am talking about that specific case only.

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