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How do I format a drive as GUID + install OSX??

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The guide to installing Snow Leopard is VERY easy - too easy :)


The bit I get stuck on is:


"Note: you need to format your harddisk as GUID, and install OSX on the first partition"


Erm... isn't that the holy grail: installing OSX on the first partition??




1. How can I format as GUID?

Importantly, can I do this using a PC?


2. Erm... now th ehard part: how do I install the OSX!!!! :)


Thanks in advance




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Dear Omar,


It is not necessary to format your disk as guid to install os x. You can still used mbr. Further, it is not necessary to install on the first partition (actually its always installed in the second partition as the first partition is the hidden efi boot partition). If you can boot into the os x installer cd or usb you can access the disk utility above. May i suggest you check out first the wiki as to how to install os x.



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