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Thinkpad T440P Multiple (3) display Setup.

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Hi All,


Perhaps i have been spoiled with my Dell e7440, But i have 3 monitors on that one.


One Laptop DIsplay, 1 HDMI DIsplay directly into the laptop, and 1 VGA display connected to the Mini DP Port Via Adapter.



I have been experimenting with a T440P  with Hackintosh mojave 10.14.3 ANd i required Azul Patches for DP -> HDMI to work.

And Laptop Monitor Works.


But This laptop has a dedicated VGA Slot. I cannot get this dedicated VGA slot to work.


(curiously Mini DP port to VGA -> Does infact WORK!!)



SO Basically My Choices are, Laptop Screen + Mini-DP to hdmi/DVI or Laptop Screen + Mini-DP to VGA.


But i cannot get the built in VGA Port to work!!!! can you help?





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There is no support for VGA output since Ivy Bridge HD4000. Only Haswell HD4400 seems to occasionally support VGA, but it appears to be under specific dual GPU platform configurations, and then VGA works OOB.


NB: mini-DP to VGA is not VGA since you're using a converter; it's DP.


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