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Any recommendation for low-profile PCIe wireless adapters?

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Could you please recommend any of those PCI e adapters that come with a low profile bracket?  I'd prefer something dual band. 

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@Trunyce, topic split away from the inventory with which it bears no direct relation...


You'll find several such adapters that convert mini-PCIe or M.2 to PCIe x1, for instance if you type "mini-PCIe to PCIe wireless adapter" in a well-know auction site... If at all possible, opt for something that carries a degree of adaptability in terms of cards or antennas, like support for full or half size mini-PCIe cards. Also opt for an adapter that supports Bluetooth through USB connection and provides the necessary cable.


I can recommend the following Fenvi adapters:

  • Fenvi FV101 for half-size mini-PCIe to PCIe x1 + Bluetooth
  • Fenvi FV102 for M.2 2230 to PCIe x1 + Bluetooth

Both offer with a high-profile and low-profile rear bracket and a USB cable. They're limited to the size of cards listed above and 2 x antennas (like most if not all other adapters). A cover comes to protect the wireless card and antenna connectors once in situ. I currently use a FV101 adapter in my SFF Dell Vostro 200 in which I fitted a DW1520 card.








There are other (unbranded?) adapters that provide very similar features but support full-size and 1/2-size mini-PCIe card. Eg:

Other_adapter.jpg Other_adapter_package.jpg





For M.2 adapters, pay special attention to the Key, knowing that wireless cards usually are Key A+E (Slot with Key A supports cards with Key A+E, Slot with Key E does not, it's missing the notch). M.2 wireless cards usually are 2230, only a few are 3030 (wider), so no worries on that front (all should fit). Just note that 2230 cards usually have 2 x antenna connectors whilst 3030 cards usually have 3.

M.2_adapter.jpg  M.2_Key.jpg




Other_M.2_adapter.jpg  M.2_Keys.jpg


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