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How to remap keys with VooDooPS2?

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Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to remap the keys on my PS2 keyboard on my Latitude E6330.  Currently the machine is 99% working but the top row of keys is not.  In short, they're totally wrong.  Lol.  


The problem is, since it's a ALPS trackpad and PS2 keyboard, I can't use RehabMan's PS2 controller... I've been using DrHurt's version (or someone's revision of his, I can't remember).  And since I simply downloaded their kext, I have no way of getting a debug version of it to see what keycodes are being sent.


Currently, only some of the top row works, and most of them not properly.  


Here is what Karabiner-EventViewer shows when I press all 16 top row (not including escape):


F1: Nothing

FN+F1: Machine goes to sleep/shutdown (seems broken, it will not wake back up - I have to force restart with the power button)


F2: Nothing

FN+F2: 0x47 - Keypad Num Lock


F3: Nothing in EventViewer but mission control opens
FN+F3: Nothing in EventViewer, but Brightness goes Down one increment


F4: Nothing in EventViewer, but Launchpad opens showing Applications

FN+F4: Nothing


F5: 0x16 - Illumination Decrement (but nothing actually happens, you'll see more of this in later keys lol)

FN+F5: Nothing


F6:  0x15 - Illumination Increment (but nothing actually happens)

FN+F6: Nothing


F7: 0x16 - Illumination Decrement (but nothing actually happens)

FN+F7: Nothing


F8: 0x16 - Illumination Decrement (but nothing actually happens)

FN+F8: Nothing


F9: 0x16 - Illumination Decrement (but nothing actually happens)

FN+F9: Nothing


F10: 0x14 - Rewind

FN+F10: 0x12; No name shows


F11: 0x10 - Play/Pause

FN+F11: Nothing


F12: 0x13 - Fast Forward 

FN+F12: 0x11; No name shows


Home: 0x73 - Home

FN+Home: Nothing


End: 0x77 - End

FN+End: Nothing


Insert: Nothing

FN+Insert: Nothing in EventViewer, but brightness goes up


Delete: 0x37 - Delete Forward

FN+Delete: Nothing (expected as there's no subtext on that key)




Anyone know how I can fix this?

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I'm extremely new to the "Refined ALPS Touchpad" driver and just recently installed Version 5 on my Latitude E6410.  I haven't tested all the keys (especially Fn combinations), but I was able to fix the obvious issues by changing the keyboard type from ANSI to ISO European (System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Type) and switching the Command and Option keys (System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys).

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