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E5470: Audio line-in not working in Big Sur (ALC293)


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It works like a charm when I choose Internal Microphone but I want to make use of my headphone's microphone for better noise cancellation. I'm using id 11 with AppleALC. Is this normal?


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@Hervé Can I put CodecCommander in EFI/OC/Kexts? I don't want to interfere with L/E.

Besides, what is the best value for csr-active-config if I just need to install and use 3rd party apps without affecting the system and features like Software Update

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Please consult our FAQ section re: SIP. There's a dedicated thread to describe it and the values that may be used.


By all means, do try and inject CodecCommander from that folder, but if it does not load, you'll have to cache it from /L/E; this will have to be done manually through Terminal and after disabling Gatekeeper:

sudo spctl --master-enable

Reboot then copy the kext to /L/E

sudo cp -R <path>/CodecCommander.kext /L*/E*/

Authorise the kext through Security & Privacy PrefPane and reboot again.


You may then disable Gatekeeper again if you wish:

sudo spctl --master-disable


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