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Vanilla DSDT Collection

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Help me out collecting vanilla DSDT from all types of GMA and nVidia Latitudes.


micro howto extract vanilla dsdt from Linux:

- Boot your Laptop into linux (CD, USB, PEX, whatever)

- run this command as root

cat /proc/acpi/dsdt > dsdt.aml

- rename the dsdt.aml file to your model + graphic + bios ver name.

example: dsdt_d620_gma_a10.aml or dsdt_d830_nvidia_a15.aml

- compress it

zip -r dsdt_d620_gma_a10.aml.zip dsdt_d620_gma_a10.aml

- share this file here by attaching it in reply post.


Remember that we want as many versions as possible with all bunch of bios versions.





Here is a overview of what we got so faar: http://www.osxlatitude.com/groups/d4xosx/wiki/e36a2/DSDT_Collection.html




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Good move.. here comes the first one from me..


Dell XPS M1330 / Nvidia / a15 bios: dsdt_XPSm1330_nvidia_a15.zip

Dell Latitude D430 (1,33ghz) / Intel / a09 bios: dsdt_d430e_intel_a09.zip

Dell Latitude D520 / Intel / a05 bios: dsdt_d520_intel_a05.zip

Dell Latitude D630 / Intel / a17 bios: dsdt_d630_intel_a17.zip (Thank you Jan Suomi)

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I have the 1200 mhz model of the d430 not Leon's 'high end/deluxe' 1330 version :), not sure if this makes a difference in the dsdt, but thought I'd mention it.


dsdt is attached.




You have the same as Mariusz :) .. well.. and me. .got one at home that i'm suppose to fix up and resell..

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