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E6430: any success with Monterey?


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I am a newbie to hackintoshing, I have tried @Jake Lo's EFI folder for bigsur 11.6.5 and it worked pretty well. But, I need latest version of xcode which requires monterey. I couldn't install monterey with the same EFI folder, earlier there were performance issues with the beta version of monterey and intel hd 4000 patch, but I guess( I'm not sure) they are cleared out now, So, has anyone tried it and had success? Any help would be really grateful. thank you.



Intel i5 3340m dual core

intel hd 4000

8gb ram

Low resolution version.

brcm bluetooth module



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Monterey was not working Ok for me on my E6230 after installing the HD4000 patch. System kept overheating and/or crashing/resetting. I opted to stick to Big Sur.

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E6430 monterey working EFI attached. Except Bluetooth everything else works. After @chris1111's Intel HD 4000 patch, screen flickering occurs quite frequently, but graphics accelaration is working and smooth. No high CPU usage was observed. 


Can someone have a look at the EFI and see why bluetooth is not working? I have placed every kext correctly (newest versions) and in their place in config.plist.

Bluetooth card: Dell DW380 i.e BCM20702A0 broadcom.


EFI folder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1biTLsKgWFaPXDe6WUzA2p5XXDoFIfBGM/view?usp=sharing


Thank you.

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