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Monterey Installation Final Tweaks


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Hello All!


Its been a difficult experiment lately.   I hadn't hackintoshed in many years and had not yet become acquainted with Clover and OpenCore.  In the last few weeks, I updated my 2012 Imac 27 inch sucessfully using OpenCore Legacy and then began to work on my customac.  It seems as of today that it is working ok.  I was having a panic over why my system would keep auto rebooting. I couldn't figure out why it was doing this and had already become aware that this was a common problem with Monterey.  I since simply adjusted screen settings/hibernate and it seems like that may have been the fix. BUT my next and hopefully last concern here is the inability to run an update and break the installation and having to install all over again.  Does anyone have any input on being able to safely run an update for bug fixes etc without experiencing the catastrophe ?  



New Target System:  Gigabyte Aero G DDR4 Z690-Intel I9 12900K- AMD RX 6600 8GB- 32 Corsair Vengeance Ram- Samsung NVMe980 -Themaltake 1080 Watt PSU

Previous: Several previous experiments using older outdated methods

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