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ThinkPad E470: OpenCore 0.8.5's EFI for macOs Ventura


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Hi guys, im update my Opencore version to run Ventura 13.0 final edition. 


My version of BIOS on Lenovo was update, so you need try update from Windows. 


This Opencore Version has possibility dual boot without crash, but the 0.8.6 will broke your boot. Take carefully. 


Im hope you enjoy this much is im am. 


Notes: The Brazilian ABNT2 Keyboard is compiled on DSDT, and my Wi-Fi Card is compatible, different from original. 

EFI OC LENOVO E470 ThinkPad macOs Ventura 0.8.5.zip

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Hi Max you have a DSDT patch, Opencore puts patches on ALL os it starts. So the SSDT or DSDT patches must contain for example "If Darwin" in all ACPI patches are needed by the Hackintosh. In this way the ACPI patches will not be loaded when Windows starts, but only when an Apple OS starts.

What you have is a DSDT made by Mald0n and it probably doesn't contain the parts I'm telling you about. Many Users say to start Windows from Bios and NOT from Opencore, but this is just a wrong information, or the solution to avoid working on Opencore ACPIs. I've read around that there is a modded version of Opencore that solves this problem, Clover might be for you too. The solution for Opencore is just to rewrite DSDT patches on SSDT.


Test this EFI if start OS Apple ioreg https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-KofL2spIbDI2Xz9i___49TIN2X8-vy0?usp=share_link .


If it launches Hack, try starting Windows from Opencore

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Thanks a lot my friend @Baio77

So glad to your help. I'm will test that efi and I'm learn about mod Opencore No ACPI that chineses configurated. 

Sorry late answear, I'm tested Chinese version without ACPI injections and works dual boot. Very fine. 


Now I'm  will test your efi.


Thanks a lot. 😉👍🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻

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