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E7440: Clamshell mode disables some laptop features


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Hello. My hack is now stable for months and now I am using clamshell mode more when at home. New issue on my daily use case arise when using clamshell mode.

Some features on laptop are getting disabled on clamshell mode, Here are the list I noticed being disabled:

  1. Webcam
  2. Headphones
  3. SDCard Reader


#2 and #3 works only if you plug them before entering clamshell mode.

#1 Not tested since I can't really use internal webcam on clamshell mode.

I'm already looking into the DSDT on how clamshell mode work but I'm not that experienced on tracing this. I hope someone can guide me on this. I have tried searching but I think no one posted anything about this.




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Webcam not working in clamshell mode seems pretty normal to me, how could you expect to use this device fitted into the screen shell when laptop is closed?

Now, what makes you say all those devices are "disabled"?


Please post IOReg extracts and zipped bootloader's EFI folder if you require further assistance.

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