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Dell Latitude E5470: screen flickering in Sonoma


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welcome , has been installed mac sonoma 

used to install a file Jake lo E7x70  with change dsdt file E5470 



Wi-Fi and Bluetooth intel works good 


there is a simple and unobtrusive problem 

there is flickering screen that occurs when browsing and moving a window or open a PDF file 




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No official support for SKL graphics in Sonoma. It requires faking KBL hardware for graphics acceleration since Ventura or OCLP patching. But it's not 100% bug free. Remember that SKL was last officially supported in Monterey.

My Skylake/HD520 E7270 does occasionally suffer from graphics bugs in Ventura (flickering, lines, pixelisation, etc.) -and, by extension, Sonoma- at which point laptop requires to be rebooted for macOS to be fully functional again

You have to consider that latest macOS versions are not meant to support these older platforms and run on them.

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