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[07/18/2011] - D630 BIOS rework

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i'm new on your Forum, so i should first thank you for this very impressive site.

sorry for my way to write english, but i'm French.

i have since 2 years installed SL on Dell D620 nvidia and D630 Nvidia. (using method D620SLV1 + retail Install Dvd)

it works well, but after an upgrade to 10.6.8, my D630 install seems to be down.

so after reading your forum, i have decided to change the install and follow your guide


but i have several issues :

- on the OSX BIOS, it does'nt work ("brick") if i use my 4 GO SoDimm OCZ DDR2 6400 ram (OCZ2M8002G)

if i change the Ram to DDR2 4200 "legacy" ram it works.

- on the OSX BIOS, it does'nt work ("brick") if i use the WWAN module Dell 5530 (SE 3507g)

in this two cases, the Bios froze after around 70% of the initial test.


is it something known ?


so after downgrading my D630 the bios OSX works.


but i cannot launch the Install SL DVD when i use Chameleon RC3 (using iso D620SLv1) or EmpireEFI

i have a kernel Panic.


when we use the OSX bios, the only way to install is to use the USB key ?


many thanks in advance




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well if you can then try by adding the dsdt for the d630 into the extra folder and if you upgrade to a 2.1 svn chame make sure to rename com.apple to org.chameleon.Boot.plist

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Thanks for your Answer ;)

after a weekend fighting with my D630, he's back on duty

- bios Dell A17

- DSDT date 16/07/2011

Mac OS X 10.6.8

Mode 64 bits


in extra/Extension :



AppleHDADisabler.Kext v1.01

IOAudioFamily.kext v1.7.0

OSKernDSPLib.kext V1.3

VoodooHDA.kext (one old, the 2.7.3 seems not working)

VoodooPS2Control.Kext v1.1.0

VoodooPS2Keyborad.kext v1.1.0

VoodooPS2Mouse.Kext v1.2.0




in S/L/E i have put :

AppleHDA.kext v1.7.4a1

BCM5722D.kext v1.0

FakeSMC.kext v3.1.0

IOAudioFamily.kext v1.7.0

OSKernDSPLib.kext V1.3


everything is "working" except :

- lan Card instability : the broadcom BCM5722D seems to be quite instable.

- no microphone, but, more of that, the sound card is definitly not well setup i guess, i have some doubt on my kext "voodooHDA, IOAudioFamily" i got regular crash.

- it seems that the mss-hp-VirtualDisk.kext provided by HP to use WHS as a TimeMachine disk is not working in x64 mode (so i cannot use the Storagevault as time machine disk)


so I'm almost happy.


and many thanks for every thing.



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IOAudioFamily.kext & OSKernDSPLib.kext already live in s/l/e so remove em from extra.... edp extracts them from there and drops them into e/e as voodoohda needs to be surrounded by it's buddies when in e/e. voodoohda in s/l/e they are not needed as the stock ones are the correct ones.


AppleHDADisabler.Kext v1.01 has to be pulled from e/e and dropped into s/l/e or you have to rename applehda.kext in s/l/e because voodoohda now resides in s/l/e.

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Thanks Bronxteck


sorry to post here, i'm not sure it's the right place.

i should open a new post, right ?

so you mean that i should

- place AppleHDADisabler.kext v1,01 in S/L/E instead of E/e

if i want to use VoodooHDA.kext (with the current config)


- or remove voodooHDA.Kext & AppleHDADisabler.kext v1,01, and use AppleHDA of the 10,6,2 version ?


because with the version of 10,6,8 it doesn't work.


and finally, what is the best, to use 32 bits or x64 ? because it seems that with x64 some applications are not running or are bugging (like the timemachine service on my WHS HP)


one more time many thanks.




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I had my system working on BIOS A17 of DELL.

I updated to the A17 from the Wiki page but it does not work my system will not start.

I get to option to select F2 or F12. When you enter one of the two it will state Preparing to Enter Setup.... or Prepairing one-time boot menu ....

But it never gets in there.

After the progression bar disappears there is only the blinking cursor at the left upper side.


Now I want to restore back to A17 of Dell and have downloaded the recovery file.

The recovery file for the D630 Nvidea is 2.1 Mb in size and a floppy can only hold 1.44 Mb.


How is this done?


When I put my DOS disk in the floppy drive and remove the battery and disconnect the power cord.

Hold the END button and plug in the power cord the battery light goos red.

When I release the END button within 2 seconds the system starts. The battery light goes red green red etc.


I hear the floppy drive start to work but then after 5 seconds the whole system stops and switches of.



When I hold the END button a bit longer and hit the power button and the system starts in "Diagnostics boot selected".


The A led at next to the volume lower blink's and after the boot screen goos away both the A and the ( led blink but again nothing happens. The floppy drive is not addressed.


I see people have had similar problems with the BIOS but how did they get there original back.

I hope on a answer soon as the unit is now worth noting. :blink:



What do I need to do to get back to A17 of Dell.



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