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How to dump from linux/linux live cd

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Earlier, JaS demonstrated how it was possible to acquire your dsdt from ioreg inside of OS X.

His method is certainly easier but the method in this guide will get more than your dsdt.


This guide demonstrates how you can dump more information about your hackintosh from inside linux/linux live cd.

The goals here are to: get you familiar with another OS, burn/restore an image to disc/usb, and acquire some files.

The files we want are: dsdt tables, audio codec/verb dumps, and full lspci output to .txt.

This guide will translate well into your hackintosh experiences as you'll use similar methods for installing/updating OS X.


Let's get started:


It's recommended you download then burn/restore ubuntu's 32bit version to disc or usb. The script was tested with 9.04, 10.04 32bit international ubuntu versions. The script does not work with 11.04 ubuntu since acpi paths have changed !!




With this .iso you can burn to blank media or use a special app to restore to usb from any OS.

Instructions to create the usb version from any OS are included below the download link on ubuntu's website.


Tools to accomplish this are listed below:








Download and copy this script (made by aschar with the help of signal64 and xyz) file to a flash drive.




You're doing great so far -- keep going!


You've downloaded the latest ubuntu (32bit for this guide / NOT / 64bit) and burnt/restored it to blank disc or usb.

You then put the script you downloaded onto a usb. Next, ensure your ubuntu live will have net access and boot it.


At this point the script needs to acquire 1-2 binaries from the net to complete its tasks.

These binaries are not usually incorporated into the ubuntu .iso; as such the script will fill in the gaps.

If the script cannot find a few binaries it requires, it will seek them out for you when you run the script itself.


Open Firefox and make sure you are connected to the internet.

Once connectivity has been established, it is time to run the script.


To run the script browse the files on your usb stick and double click the script file.

A window will open - click the option to "Run in Terminal"


Let the script run. It takes a few minutes and you'll see the progress in the terminal window.

When completed, the script saves all the output to a folder/directory on the flash drive named after your motherboard.


Later, you can zip/rar/tar these files and host them online for assistance in tweaking support for your hardware.

OSX86 - Aschars Hack Dump Script.rar

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