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[03/03/2011] - D620 BIOS rework

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Dear uloga,


Try and check in /Extra/Extensions if there is a kext called IOATAFamily.kext.


If its there, try to remove it to a safe place and reboot.



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can somebody please be so kind to explain me step-by-step how to create that 'DOS' bootdisk. Is it a CD/DVD or USB?

1. Download UNetbootin from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unetbootin/files/latest/download

2. Run it as Administrator, and under "==Select Distribution==", pick "FreeDOS" and ignore "==Select Version=="

3. Make sure your USB stick is formatted FAT32, and select your USB stick from the menu and click O

4. Once it is done downloading and installing FreeDOS to your USB stick, quit out of UNETBootin.

5. Copy the custom BIOS update to the root of your USB stick, rename it D620 and eject the USB stick

6. Boot from your as USB stick into FreeDOS, on the bootloader select "Default" and press enter.

7. On the selection screen, select "FreeDOS Safe Mode (don't load any drivers)" and press enter.

8. On the DOS prompt, type C:

9. Now it should show C:\ instead of A:\ Now type D620.exe and update your BIOS.

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