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Dell E6530 10.9.4 AppleHDA not working (was working perfect with 10.9.3)


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I accidentally updated :) oh well ,


AppleHDA out of the box (by Apple) not patched.


I have my E6530 now working with 10.9.4 except for the audio, it was working fine with 10.9.3.


Here is the history of when AppleHDA was and was not working for me:-


10.9.1 E6530 AppleHDA (Working)

10.9.2 E6530 AppleHDA (Not Working)

10.9.3 E6530 AppleHDA (Working)

10.9.4 E6530 AppleHDA (Not Working)


Any idea what I need to do? Please don't tell me wait for 10.9.5 :)


There must be a reason why this is hapening.



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I don't actually belive my AppleHDA for 10.9.3 was patched at all it worked right after the upgrade !.


I did get it working right after I posted the question using the same patched AppleHDA you sent, so thank you for that. I did make the following change




The thing is I am glad its working and all but it was better before as I didn't have to do any of that and more importantly I didn't have to see the extra text when booting using -v because of HDAEnabler, I don't really know what Apple is doing to this kext, one time it works and another it does not. !



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Well, that won't help him much, will it? It seems he would need to roll back to Apple HDA kexts from 10.9.3, so there is no point to delete anything unless replacement files are available... I might have 10.9.3 kexts somewhere; will look that up tonight.

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