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Battery Not Working in Yosemite

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Place the kext in the correct folder...



Quelle réponse modeste ! 

Tu ne pouvais pas faire un effort et lui préciser le chemin du dossier "correct" où il doit placer son kext ?

C'est vraiment pathétique !!

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Thank you Dear.


Just so that you don't die totally stupid:

1) I posted a very detailed guide for Yosemite on D630 back in June 2014, it's meant to be read.

2) in reply to similar questions about a Yosemite installation guide on D630 back in September, I replied where to look for my specific guide (notably at the end of a forum search on "D630 nvidia Yosemite" in R&D section), something you missed in your hasty but nevertheless late Zorro-type justice-rendering post.

3) you may have noticed the extended and detailed explanations of toxyne with regards to his efforts to get the battery manager to work. No further feedback, one may assume he got it to work, he'd have come back otherwise.

4) having chosen to resurface this old thread for you own reasons, be my guest, do provide the correct path for kexts if you think I kept it too much a secret after all... You're welcome as our new spoon-feeder!

5) this forum runs in English only. Not everyone speaks or reads Froggy.
Hugs & kisses or gros poutoux if you prefer.
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