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Convert Windows 7 Existing Installation From MBR to GPT and Boot using Chameleon and Bios


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This has been a bit tricky for me, I hope someone can help me achieve what I am trying to do here. I hope it is possible.


I would like to convert an existing windows 7 installation on an MBR partition to GPT and boot it using Chameleon and bios not using UEFI, of course I'll be dual booting with OS X but I must do this without loosing the data (i.e keep the existing windows 7 installation as it is)


Here is what I did as I already have OS X running:-


1-I booted into Yosemite from a USB installation

2-Using Disk Utility I created an image of the existing windows 7 MBR partition 

3-Using Disk Utility I cleaned the drive and converted it to GPT 

4-I created three partitions   <---- this is what I am not sure about because I don't know how to boot the windows 7 installation.


        Partition 1 : For Chameleon

        Partition 2 : Windows partition (NTFS using 3rd party)

        Partition 3 : OSX


5-Using Disk Utility I restored the windows partition successfully to the 2nd partition (NTFS)

6-I installed Chameleon of the first partition


Chameleon couldn't boot the windows installation which is now on a GPT partition. I didn't know what to do about the EFI boot files, where to put them or how to create them!. I tried creating a fourth partition of "System Reserved" but I am not sure it just didn't work, maybe I made a mistake somewhere.


Thank you

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In case someone needs this, I resolved the issue.


I figured it out about 2 hours ago, I needed to create the first partition for the mbr boot files using


bcdboot e:\Windows /l en-us /s D:

bootsect /nt60 D: /mbr /force
bcdedit /store D:\boot\bcd /set {bootmgr} device boot
and make it active
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