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E4310 Mavericks

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Hi there!


I've got myself Mavericks running on my E4310, and it run quite flawless. I think i've got CI working (i have transparent menu bar, working dvd player, i can see screen saver). I'm running 10.9 Niresh, I know that QE is not possible since I'm using eDP connector but I want to make my hackintosh the best as it can be. So I have working sound, trackpad, trackpoint, screen resolution 1366x768x32, 64mb video card memory. When i'm going to launchpad and I want to open a folder or go to next page it shutter, is that because of lack of QE ? or maybe I don't have CI working ? I need Os X only for GarageBand, sometimes Internet (youtube, facebook and I know i need to buy wifi usb card), I would be glad if i could get my bluetooth usb stick working with bluetooth audio reciever. And one i think stupid question... i've bought docking station on expresscard (was cheap i'm gonna sell it anyway) and it has it own video processor ? video card ? or whatever, it's gonna help with qe/ci ? EC counts as LVDP or EDP ar just EC ? (ofc i'm talking about using external monitor on docking station not just connecting it to laptop...)


and something for geeks:

you can install 10.9 Niresh distro easily, take 8gb usb stick, install transmac on windows and recover an image from Niresh. Set your BIOS, boot up, if you reach screen with mouse pointer wait few minutes and you get installation window, before instal choose to backup Intel HD Graphics kexts, after install boot up and now you need mouse on usb and additional kexts for touchapd and trackpoint (search on forum for extras.zip for e4310). Voila :)

yes ofcourse, you can update to 10.9.x but at the 10.9.3 i got problems with permissions on the disk. But repairing them helped.

yes you can install Yosemite form Niresh but don't, it's enough that i've tried - yes i'll boot up, yes you won't get your touchpad and trackpoint working, no CI is not longer support in Yosemite, and yes you get whole 3MB of video card memory ! ... I almost forgott, whole OS gonna be so slowly that it can cause pain, not normal good old pain... an ASSPAIN ! so yea don't install yosemite on e4310.


my english is as it is, you should understand everything so i've made my point :)

if you don't understand something or if you are not sure about something - ASK, i will explain you :)

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