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No Restart or Shutdown on ML 10.8.0


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                   Good afternoon. I've installed Mountain Lion 10.8  onto my D630 w/ X3100  Hi-Res  unit using a  combination of

myHack and  MLPF prowess.  And, noticed that, from the Apple logo in the upper left corner, I'm unable to either Restart or Shutdown the unit .  In both cases goes to a bright grey screen with an arrow.  In the Chameleon Boot P-list,  the Restart Fix 

IS  checked but doesn't change when I remove the checkmark.  An interesting glitch - and, it beats the Hell  outta me.  My best guess is that it's a  MLPF  effect and  something to do with the  32-bit  kernel adaptation.  Possibly something having to do with  the  Sleep  function that  I haven't dabbled with (yet) .  I'll try    sudo pmset  hibernatemode  0   a try and see if it'll correct the situation.  In the meantime, any/all feedback is graciously welcomed. Have a goodday !

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