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E7440 Patched Haswell Kernel for El Capitan 10.11.x - Where Do I get it From or how Can I patch the Kernel?


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I am trying to boot E7440 with Chameleon / Enoch (Not Clover). When I boot the pc is automatically rebooting after trying to load some kexts.


I believe the problem is because I am currently using the vanilla Kernel and I understand that it may need to be patched because E7440 contains a Haswell CPU.



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Thanks Jake


I also found this link and I am using the Kernel from these links which allows me to boot the installer just not all the way.  I can't get passed an error

"Can't get kext port."




I am using Enoch / Chameleon but it seems to boot better with Enoch. I can't use Clover.


I tried your E7440 bootpack from your signature but I don't think its compatible with El Captain and I am hoping you already have a working E7440 for El Captain or when you have time could you please help.


Thank you.

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I am able to boot the installer using Clover and this pack             #507             however I keep getting the following error:


OS X could not be installed on your computer


An error occurred while extracting files from the package "Essentials.kg"

Quit the installer to restart....


I have a WD 320GB has 4 partitions

1- 3GB for EFI where I installed Clover  (Fat32)

2- 10GB for Mac OS X Installation

3- 25GB for MacOSX (OS)  <<--------------- I am trying to install it here.

4- Win (NTFS)


Please share your bootpack also.


So I can boot fine and start the installer but get the error above.



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