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D630 Mountain Lion w/ MLPF - MagicJack won't work


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Wow-w ! I've never once seen anything like this one. I've got Mountain Lion on a D630 w/ X3100 GPU using MLPF. My magicJack app says "no telephone found. Please replug your magicJack". Works perfectly in Lion and Windows.


The people at magicJack are children and clueless - never seen a network quite as awkward. The mJ device is detected at the USB port but not at the sound part of the menu. No doubt, a glitch in the FakeSTAC9205 kext that provides HD Audio for the Dell. The headset mode works and the phone rings but no dial tone whatsoever. This will defeat 9 of 10 Pros.


What to do ? I don't wanna go back to using Lion. I like ML but, I need my magicJack to be fully functional. One of the best glitches I've seen in my entire life. Probably between JakeLo or Bronxtech, I might have a fighting chance. You guys are good - what's next ?

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