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Dell Inspiron 3520 help (El Capitan)

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Thanks for the suggestion! I already purchased a replacement, though. It's a HP Envy that reportedly has been very stable on El Cap, and I got it fairly cheap. That should be here tomorrow or Wednesday.


I may still fix the 3520, but mostly I'll pull the SSD and drop it in my ageing desktop for some quick speed boosts and throw the RAM in my mom's laptop because it only has 2Gb. And lastly, the WiFi card is going in the new one because it comes with an Intel card and won't work.


I've never had discrete graphics, so its going to be fun figuring that out. ;)

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I just picked up an Inspiron 3520, i5-2520, HD3000.  I just got done installing El Capitan.  The install went pretty smooth for the most part, using kexts and DSST from bobdammit's Mavericks Guide. I only seem to have a couple of small bugs.


Sometimes shutdown will hang for several seconds. Screen off, but power still on.


The other problem is USB ports. It was shutting down when transferring files from one of the USB ports. I tried USBInjectAll.kext, and now it will read and write from all 3 USB ports, but  sometimes cannot eject the drives.


As was already said, the microphone does not work. I did a Codec Dump. Maybe a guru will come along and give it a look.


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I can't help you with Bluetooth. I don't know which card you have to give you the instructions. I have the Azurewave AW-CE123H working flawlessly with both Bluetooth and Wifi. Works great with my iPad, even.


Microphone jack CAN work. Install the audio kext from the thread below. You'll find it in the Extra.zip file. (VoodooHDA with patched nodes for our device.) Internal microphone will never work, probably. 


HDMI sound is fixed in my DSDT. You can find that in the thread below, also in the Extra.zip file. If our 3520's are that different (Compare lspci output from thread below with yours), then post your native DSDT and I'll patch it for you. I've also patched brightness, HD 3000, display sleep, and media keys. 


I have not used Dr. Hurt's trackpad kext, so I cannot comment on that. I have no idea how it reacts with my machine, or know any way to fix it. I'm using this: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2545-new-touchpad-driver-for-e6520-alps/. The RehabmanMerge.zip has a VoodooPS2controller.prefpane file in it. Double click it after installing the Stable kext also inside the RehabmanMerge.zip file. Set "FingerZ" to max. Tap-clicks will settle down and become normal. You can then set 3-finger gestures in System Preferences, enable 2-finger scrolling, or use side-scrolling. (Side-scrolling is enabled all the time. There is no setting for it.)


My DSDT, Extra, and guide: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6392-dell-inspiron-3520-i3-2370m-hd3000-i5-3210m-hd4000-mountain-lionmavericks/

You think you could update the link to the modified VoodooHDA kext in the link for the guide?

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Upgraded to Sierra a few months back. Now running 10.12.5 with no issues, other than microphone not working. (no big deal). :)


I am pleasantly surprised how well this inexpensive laptop runs with OSX.


Running dual-boot with Win 10. 120GB SSD, and 8GB ram.

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Edit: Okay, It's updated to 10.12.6.   :)


Everything still works. Night Shift also working.


Updating my Desktops and laptops this weekend.


This Laptop has Sierra, El Capitan, and Win10. 


I also installed a backlit keyboard from a Dell Vostro. :)


I had to tap the power from the DVD drive, so the keyboard stays lit all the time, but it does go off with sleep. 

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