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[SOLVED] Latitude E5520 macOS 10.12.3 patch DSDT and SSDT

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Hey Jake... 


Damn... looks like I've been pleased too early... :( I was convinced everything is ok after I saw in in terminal (ifconfig) that my mac address wasn't zeroed. And in system-information app I saw that the card is recognised correctly... Unfortunately I didn't had a ethernet cable yesterday to check if a real connection is working... today I tested it and it is not working... :'( the link on the cable is not recognised...


I'll dig deeper on this and will keep you informed here... :)


Well, three additional things I have to add... (the last one is a good thing)


1. I get some ACPI errors, mostly when I boot on battery power (see attached photo)

2. video playback with vlc is laggy, with quicktime it is fluently (HD video recorded with iPhone 6)

3. i modded my E5520 with a keyboard from a Precision M4300... it works :D (just done this because of the backlight) 


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Ist there an update?


Can you post what the contens is of your efi partition?


Ich bitte um Feedback.




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I am trying to install Sierra 10.12.4. I can get USB to boot, go through install on to hard drive. When I boot to USB an go to finish install, I get error below.


Here is my system Info.

Intel Core i5-2520M, 2,5 GHz CPU;

Intel HM65, Intel Sandy Bridge chipset;

8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM;

Intel HD 3000 1366x768 graphics.


Any help would be appreciated.




Update: Fixed issue.


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Hi, can someone upload his latest Clover EFI (within config, DSDT.aml, kexts) + if needed kext for put in /L/E?

I know SSDT must be made with that script for my own :)

PS: I will be implement Sierra on my E5520 (i5).


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