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[SOLVED] "Target volume appears to be invalid" on my m6800

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Hi guys,

this is my first try to install Sierra on my Dell Precision m6800, but I can't find a solution to this problem (see the attached screenshot).

It appears some minutes after choosing the disk. I tried with both of my two SSD drives, correctly formatted.

I don't know how to do to fix this...

Can you help me please?

Thank you!!!

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installer is clearly complaining about file system format or partitioning size. Try and perform a low-level format from a Windows machine (you can use HDD Low Level Format tool from hddguru.com to that effect - a quick low-level format will suffice), then redo the SSD partitioning (GPT/GUID scheme) + partition formatting (OS X Extended (journaled)) from Disk Utility prior to actual OS installation.

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Thanks for your support guys!

I solved the problem creating TWO partitions in the same SSD that I was trying to use.

BEFORE there was only a 256 GB partition called Macintosh SSD, created with the Erase button in the Disk Utility of the Installer.

NOW I created two 128 GB partitions...

and it works ;)

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