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There's already a bootpack here. Look under Inspiron. Clover guide is on post #1

Ok, replace with this bootpack. Prepared for Sierra 10.12.4 and up   5558_HD6000_Disabled-920m_A.zip

try booting with USB installer and then select the installed drive with verbose mode

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No problem, I think HD6000 is also supported. I could create a new bootpack for you.

Create the installer, use the same bootpack.

When boot to the Clover GUI with the USB installer, hit F4. 

YOu can now remove the USB, mount the EFI partition. Compress and attach the Origin folder here.

Please also specify your BIOS version.

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Hey Crew,

I tried 5558_HD6000_Disabled-920m_A.zip bootpack but there is some problem(it won't show pendrive) after some modification in config.plist it works like magic and everything is working only [Audio and WiFi problem]. I think Audio will be fix after reboot.

but now problem is wont boot after first reboot that and error is "system uptime in nanoseconds : xxxxxxxx"

Please help me...


config file : https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0B-trGQsYQ9Gvd19SOEItXzlmUlk


Dell insprion 5558

Cpu: intel i5 5250U

Ram: 8gb

SSD: 220gb

Gpu: intel hd 6000 / nvidia 920m 2gb

Sound: realtek hd

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Use Config.plist from the bootpack. Your issue was that you're missing HFSPlus.efi which is included in the EFI_4184

Note: Bootpack (EFI) consists of combining the Generic EFI + the model you're downloading!!!


If you don't want to use the Generic EFI, you could mod the Config file, under Disable Drivers, remove VBoxHFS, that should fix issue you're having. 

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