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    If you cannot disable the nVidia card and/or can only run on it, you'll be limited to High Sierra since that's the last version with Web Drivers available. GTX 1070 is Pascal and that's only supported with Web Driver; no such driver since Mojave and there won't be (you can Google for the whole story between nVidia and Apple). You'd only be able to run Mojave or Catalina on the Intel iGPU and have the nVidia chip disabled through DSDT/SSDT patching in order to save battery life. Then Catalina needs renaming of the Embedded Controller ACPI device and you're not doing that. See our thread entitled Minimum requirements for Catalina. It's pinned to the Our Picks column on the forum main page.
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    Here's an updated EFI - not sure the last post was quite what I was using. Kudos @Kernel_Pan1c for the USB-C fix. Only thing looking for now is USB-C Hot plug fix. @Hervé and of course the F11 F12 Brightness EFI.zip
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    @Hervé @Jake Lo Thanks for your help on this for the past month or so. Attached is my final EFI zip which I am running 10.14.6 with. Post with archive if you see fit. I have most things working and decided I can't afford to invest any time in trying to get the things that don't work working. As far as I can tell these are the things that aren't working: USB-C Thunderbolt Not too worried since I only have one USB-C device F11/F12 Brightness keys - this I did have working through Karabiner but decided I preferred to keep the system "Clean" - Fn+B nd Fn+S work anyway for Brightness p and Down. Obvious things such as smart card reader and fingerprint reader and SDCard reader. Following work ok: Display outputs Sound out from laptop Sound out over DP and HDMI 4k Display with additional 2 monitors Battery seems ok but not great 2.5-3 hours - Windows and Linux however had less battery life. EFI.zip
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