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  1. Sorry, im need more specifications for understand your question...dump from audio? codec_dump_dec.txt.zip
  2. Not works for me, im lost buttons and trackpoint and scrolling still slow...my Voodoo is better choice...thanks for your Job rakhadiputra!!
  3. Hi @IamI im have basic gestures with my trackpad, fast scrolling, and both buttons working fine. Trackpoint works nice too... try this: T480 EFi folder...
  4. Thank you my friend, for your replay!!! In Hackintosh the challenge is the essence... My battery is not so good with Windows even macOS, but hang on for feel hours...like 3 hours...depends that what apps you use... im hope Jake Lo the Genius, can help us...!!
  5. Hi Dan!! Thanks for mentioned my tips!!! My battery life im resolved with DSDT management from Rehabman repo with MaciAsl editor... but im sure that Jake Lo can help you much more!
  6. Thank you too @kaikobold im think my trackpad is different too. Im used it normally and works nice with Trackpoint and works better then windows...some gestures not works. But im config for me and scrolling very fast and stable..sorry if my knowledge cannot help you!! Maybe you can try look here: https://gitlab.com/maemo8086/thinkintosh_t480 Just download .zip file and try it...!!! Cross your fingers!!!
  7. Im find T480 EFI folder from German forum, maybe you should try it...use usb with Clover...or try only VoodooPS2... Im upload in mediafire... https://www.mediafire.com/file/f5bjmw99hs3tz3t/T480_EFI_FOLDER.zip/file
  8. Hi @kaikobold sorry late my friend, the mail from osxlatitude not work, im not know what happens.... My friend, im have a little issue with scrolling, and im decide make changes in her settings exactly to get a better scrolling. Please try use this voodoops2 or ApplePS2Smart (not both because will get conflict) my friend, im not know exactly was my trackpad, but im will see for you in windows... My touchpad is Synaptics Thinkpad UltraNav (driver Really so sorry for late your answer... VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext.zip
  9. Im a find a way to fix two_fingers scrolling trackpad was very slow, and now is super fast.... Im change info.plist from VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext Im modified VoodooPS2Controller.kext Im remove this ApplePS2Smartouchpad.kext that cause conflict with Voodoo... Who knows about the future will get in better... Im get 3 buttons on trackpad and everything is fine now!!! VoodooPS2Controller.kext MOD MAX WORKS SROLL.zip
  10. Hi @Jake Lo im have good News!! Im can fix that issue!!! Im fix that with change config.plist in VoodooPS2Controller.kext>Contents>Plugin>VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext>Contents>info.plist Im changed: IOKitPersonalities>Synaptics TouchPad>Platform Profile>LENOVO>Thinkpad_ClickPad>ScrollResolution> 200 IOKitPersonalities>Synaptics TouchPad>Platform Profile>LENOVO>Thinkpad_ClickPad>SmoothInput>NO And the same think in: IOKitPersonalities>Synaptics TouchPad>Platform Profile>LENOVO>Thinkpad_TrackPad>ScrollResolution> 200 IOKitPersonalities>Synaptics TouchPad>Platform Profile>LENOVO>Thinkpad_TrackPad>SmoothInput>NO Because im spend precious hours read about, but is very hard to get at this point...thanks again!!! VoodooPS2Controller.kext MOD MAX WORKS SROLL.zip
  11. Jake, Rehabman said this to me: "I have no experience with ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext and no plans to ever use it (as it is closed source in violation of the APSL). VoodooPS2Controller.kext can be configured as you like (in SysPrefs or by overriding various Info.plist settings with ACPI). For ACPI overrides refer to *.dsl in the github repo for examples. Note that VoodooPS2Controller.kext is not optimized for ELAN hardware. Full source is available if you would like to add better support for ELAN." So im would get be a light to config this, or another kext (Smart for exemple), to be get buttons and trackpoint, bust im complete noob on this coders. Someone could be help me im very appreciated...thanks for all my friend!!! IM never forget your huge help!!!
  12. Hi @Jake Lo, I have one more quastion for you my friend!! Why with ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext my trackpad get very high velocity in 2 fingers scrolling to navigate on web, and with Voodoo not? Its very nice to be use Voodoo because my keyboard was complete with your kext!! All buttons on trackpad and trackpoint works, but with SmartTouchpad not... Would be fix to me, please? ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext.zip CLOVER_Lenovo_ThinkPad_E470.zip
  13. Thanks @Hervé, im looking for, but im not find where are posts for this keyboard. Im will looking more...
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