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  1. Thanks a lot my friend @Baio77 So glad to your help. I'm will test that efi and I'm learn about mod Opencore No ACPI that chineses configurated. Sorry late answear, I'm tested Chinese version without ACPI injections and works dual boot. Very fine. Now I'm will test your efi. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi guys, im update my Opencore version to run Ventura 13.0 final edition. My version of BIOS on Lenovo was update, so you need try update from Windows. This Opencore Version has possibility dual boot without crash, but the 0.8.6 will broke your boot. Take carefully. Im hope you enjoy this much is im am. Notes: The Brazilian ABNT2 Keyboard is compiled on DSDT, and my Wi-Fi Card is compatible, different from original. EFI OC LENOVO E470 ThinkPad macOs Ventura 0.8.5.zip
  3. Hi guys, the "King is back!" Im hope help you with my EFI Opencore 0.7.6 fixed by MaLDon (from www.olarila.com) Here the EFI folder: EFI - LENOVO E470 - MALDON TECLADO 2022 - FULL.zip More details older OS: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/11346-lenovo-thinkpad-e470-install-macos-high-sierramojavecatalina/
  4. @john.cen Sorry my friend im not use dual monitor with my Lenovo, just use my Desk, but Jake Lo fix this easy, ain't Jake?
  5. Thanks @Hervé and @Jake Lo to help people. Sorry late answer, because im not receive any notifications about this post. My microfone works nice, its necessary know how is your codec and modified in Nvram alcid=X (number of your codec). Sorry im not said because my post was moved to this page, in context im use Broadcom Wifi BT card. In this post from insanelymac im report my card, but using Clover. Works with OC too. https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/346264-success-lenovo-thinkpad-e470-kaby-lake-r-intel-i5-7200u-macos-big-sur-with-clover-r5127/?tab=comments#comment-2748176
  6. Can you please check my EFI in your big sur open core post? 

  7. Congrats @platinumsteel I hope you enjoy this much is im!!! And you can use dual boot with Windows 10, 7, macOS Mojave, Catalina, High Sierra...
  8. Hi guys, happy new year for all!! Im wish share my EFI folder, with Clover bootloader, r5127 with full configs to install and run macOS Big Sur. Im tested on Big Sur 11.1 and 11.2 (betas) and boot in 16 seconds. Works fine with Dual Boot to Windows (recommend format before install the Windows partitions). Im recommend you extract your DSDT and SSDTs, and change ACPI folder to yours. Im use Patchmatic from Rehabman tutorial. Don't forget too that Big Sur will boot only with Preboot volume. I do my best to put this run, so im share for free, but appreciated you not forget help the OSXLatitude. My wireless card was Broadcom, not intel. Works everything, included SD Card, Battery %, Keyboard TrackPad and this /?° key. All comments and suggests will be welcome, so here the folder: EFI-Clover-LenovoE470-BIGSUR-Preboot.zip
  9. Hi @jpressinger, Here the EFI Opencore for Big Sur. Hope help you and others! EFI LENOVO BIG SUR E470 MAX.1974.zip NB: im test everithing and also works fine in High Sierra (final) and Catalina!!!
  10. HI @jpressinger are you can try this one? Hope you can make works, but depends to much at year and country that E470 was made the trackpad could not be the same.... Here my EFI with Clover that works to me on Catalina. http://www.mediafire.com/file/q4aqn6tjvor0upc/EFI+LENOVO+CLOVER.zip/file
  11. Hi @hubierft, first you need "reset" your bios to set defaults, after that try disable like description on first page tutorial, and don't forget update your kexts. After that, you need use clover parameters to up your hack properly for your processor build. If you have 2 gpu, probably need disable one of them. Best Regards!
  12. Thanks @john.cen we try do our best effort to help people!!!
  13. Hi, sorry could not help, because im not have knowledge advanced for fix that. Im not used sleep on my machines. Thanks.
  14. Hi @Cocofexe, yes, its usually compatible with macOS, but need follow steps to config your bios, and use the right EFI folder with bootloader, like Clover or Opencore. Im suggest you follow the tutorial posted on post #1 on p1. But im need said that even the model name of equipment be the same "E470" exist many hardware differences that one country for another. So you need take a look in report first, and try install with EFI folder that you have. Im suggest you too look in internet for another forums like insanelymac or olarila.com Here exist many good tutorials to help you install and test it. Use if is possible another disk, and save your data. Its easy change disk hdd to ssd because will be more fast then usual. Best Regards.
  15. Thanks @Jake Lo you are a great Man to help us!!! Im wil check soon!!!
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