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  1. Hi @jpressinger, Here the EFI Opencore for Big Sur. Hope help you and others! EFI LENOVO BIG SUR E470 MAX.1974.zip NB: im test everithing and also works fine in High Sierra (final) and Catalina!!!
  2. HI @jpressinger are you can try this one? Hope you can make works, but depends to much at year and country that E470 was made the trackpad could not be the same.... Here my EFI with Clover that works to me on Catalina. http://www.mediafire.com/file/q4aqn6tjvor0upc/EFI+LENOVO+CLOVER.zip/file
  3. Hi @hubierft, first you need "reset" your bios to set defaults, after that try disable like description on first page tutorial, and don't forget update your kexts. After that, you need use clover parameters to up your hack properly for your processor build. If you have 2 gpu, probably need disable one of them. Best Regards!
  4. Thanks @john.cen we try do our best effort to help people!!!
  5. Hi, sorry could not help, because im not have knowledge advanced for fix that. Im not used sleep on my machines. Thanks.
  6. Hi @Cocofexe, yes, its usually compatible with macOS, but need follow steps to config your bios, and use the right EFI folder with bootloader, like Clover or Opencore. Im suggest you follow the tutorial posted on post #1 on p1. But im need said that even the model name of equipment be the same "E470" exist many hardware differences that one country for another. So you need take a look in report first, and try install with EFI folder that you have. Im suggest you too look in internet for another forums like insanelymac or olarila.com Here exist many good tutorials to help you install and test it. Use if is possible another disk, and save your data. Its easy change disk hdd to ssd because will be more fast then usual. Best Regards.
  7. Thanks @Jake Lo you are a great Man to help us!!! Im wil check soon!!!
  8. Trackpoint works nice too, im just forgot check it, but now works like a charm!!!
  9. Hi @Jake Lo you are the MAN!!!!! Im just said thanks a ton!!!!! The gestures works like my MBA, return page with two fingers, etc... Oh, boy, you have a great heart to help us!!! Im need uncheck some files for run in Kernel with OpencoreConfigurator , because cause conflicts. Here my Opencore EFI with modified serials. One more time, so many thanks!!!!! If shows up some issue im back to report!!! EFI-Opencore-Lenovo-E470-i5-Trackpad-Jake-Lo-Fix-BigSur-Catalina.zip
  10. Hi @Jake Lo my friend, how are you doing? IM hope well. Thanks for sharing information, im will be test and post results here!!!
  11. Hi @Jake Lo, the only think im not get is run HVEC codec, im config for intel 620 HD and only get parcial acceleration video.
  12. Hi @Syonagar, sorry late im not receive instantly mail about notifications... Sure, im post here my EFIs. 1. EFI only for boot, wait and be patient, after 20 sec ou more, you be like a "freeze" step, but its is normal, im thought im get KP but not...(iMac Pro SMBIOS works for my Lenovo) and my Desktop!! EFI OC Install BOOT Lenovo PS2 iMacProWork 10072020.zip 2. EFI 2 for my laptop im only change my serial number because im use iCloud. EFI-Opencore-Lenovo Thinkpad E470 - Use after install Big sur beta 1 or 2.zip Im need share too that my wifi card is modified... like my post on forum...my processor is intel i5 7200u SkyLake. Here we go...enjoy and post if you can install with usb. Im let said that, im not advanced user, but im spend a lot weeks and with good heart im share with you, sorry if not perfect... Im don't know if im should post on my tutorial on this forum, but im think later, when get out final version that Big Sur... Post if works. for you!!! Regards!!!
  13. Very nice...im running with boot usb installation clean, without VMware on my Lenovo E470 and on my desktop!!! Awesome Os...very clean!!!
  14. Hi @Cocofexe im need to know how knowlegde level you have about Hackintosh install. If was a beginner im suggest you se all post about install, because im write step by step except get flash usb. But is not difficult, especially because in Apple website has command in terminal to do this. If you cannot install from another macOs system, im suggest you try Olarila.com forum with images for you choose your chipset. So you can burn your usb with balenaEtcher from windows, and change EFI folder for mine on first post. If you follow @Jake Lo link, its is exactly what im said for you....Thanks!!
  15. Absolutely you help many people Armenio!!! Great help Man!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!
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