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  1. Yes It did it work in Sierra, I had to restart my laptop to make it work. Also You haven't replied to my Debug Post. Thank You
  2. The sound sometimes works and sometime doesnt..?
  3. You haven’t replied? @Jake Lo
  4. @Jake Lo Also my Microphone doesnt work at all!, and is there anyway to make run iMessage and Facetime run on this Mac?
  5. Here is the debug file; 1- Can you please check the problem with the boot since I have to keep on clicking enter when Boots up into clover to boot to Login Screen. 2- Also any missing drivers. Archive.zip
  6. Yes I didn’t copy that thing there and Rebuild cache. I normally updated to High Sierra like you said not with USB, so i have to move it to The folder? and I’ll send debug files in a bit!
  7. Also I have to Press enter twice at boot to make it work, otherwise it gets stuck!! And While Shutdown or Restart, I have to see bunch of Codes.
  8. I hard rebooted it, and it worked. have Loaded into the system. The Aurio is no working.. And how can I check for other stuff like if its working or not? and I didn’t execute the comman which you mentioned earlier, so what do I have to do? Where to get the file?
  9. It’s stuck here!
  10. I didn’t know about the Filesystems untill just now, which one do you recommend me using? I do have an SSD. Also If I want to Clean Install High Sierra, Can Just make new USB Installer with the BootPack(My Current EFI folder) and Install? Because have tried directly updating, it reboots @40 Mins Remaing showing lines of codes.
  11. @Jake Lo Reply please!
  12. So One QUICK question, How I install it? Just like I installed Sierra with bootpack? Or what? I'm doing this for the first time. And Also I have two problems, when my laptop goes to sleep the TouchScreen stops working, how do i fix that? And sometimes the wifi too, and it says nic not found.
  13. Successfully updated, and replace the files. And It has booted. Now What?
  14. This is Pre-\Installation steps? Right
  15. @Jake Lo You have not replied?